Find out How Smart is the Latest budget Smartband: Lenovo Smartband HW01

Planning to make your life easy? Want to organize your busy day?

Well, that’s what smartbands are supposed to do, however, not everyone can spend 20k-35k on a watch. Keeping this in mind Lenovo has launched recently HW01, a budget smartband with multiple attractive features.

It is available for Rs.1,999 only on Flipkart with many attractive offers. But how useful a 2k smartband can prove?

I have been using mine from the past one week now and It’s been extremely difficult for me to narrow down the deal makers and deal breakers as many deal makers comes with major limitations that can be a deal breaker for few.

Now let’s focus on the key elements.

  1. Connection with your phone

At first this will seem really alluring, however there is a twist. First of all its Bluetooth range is quite disappointing. I have a 3 BHK and when I left my phone in my room and went to kitchen, the connection got disconnected and worst part, there was no notification about that as well. It was only when I checked my phone and saw 5 missed calls, I found out about it. Moreover, another limitation is that it will only show the name of the caller when it is saved only with one word. So if your contacts name have spaces between them, it will only show you numbers and if you don’t remember all  your contact numbers (which is usually the case) then you will eventually have to check your phone for unnecessary calls as well.

Also, it only shows the icon of the respective application when you get a notification but not the name of the sender. For an instance, if you get a WhatsApp it will only show the WhatsApp icon on the band.

  1. Fitness Tracking

Now that’s where this band stands out. As they say, a perfect fitness buddy. Whether it is counting the steps taken by you or the heart rate, measurements by this band are amazingly accurate. Moreover, it comes with a particular workout mode which measures your performance automatically which has proven to be really useful for me. Being a fitness freak I need to know how productive my cardio and strength training is and this band lets me keep a track of it.

  1. Supporting Application (Lenovo Smart bracelet)

I read number of reviews about the band getting disconnected automatically and Lenovo app crashing, however it not the case. I have an iPhone 7 and Redmi Note 4 and both of them work great. Few app crashes are there but it happens with every app, it’s not that you will not be able to use your band at all as portrayed by many in reviews, it just works fine.

  1. Battery Backup

This has a wonderful battery life. Lenovo says it may last for 5 days once charged 100% but I think they were just being on safer side because mine works perfectly for one week. I am usually busy with my business, job and studies and I couldn’t charge it at all, but it exceeded my expectations when it was able to pull off day 7 and was still left with 5% battery. And the best part is it gives you a notification when battery is getting low which is great for people like me who are usually always caught up with something or the other.

  1. Sleep monitoring

Although its readings are fairly accurate, it comes with a major setback here, it only monitors sleep after 9PM. A nap in the afternoon or if you work late night and still wish to monitor how productive your sleep was, it won’t do that. However, I can provide you hack here. I am usually working late so when sleeping in the afternoon all I did was changed the time after 10PM on my phone and then connected the band with the app and it monitored my sleep perfectly. Well it turns out it’s not that tough to fool a smartband.

  1. Anti-Sleep mode

This band comes with an additional feature of waking you up if you accidently doze off i.e. Anti-sleep mode. This feature is not that helpful as claimed by Lenovo. It’s nothing but a pre-set alarm which vibrates once in a while randomly to wake you up and that too with very weak vibrations. There was a time when I was in my office and wide awake but still anti-sleep alarms kept on vibrating and then once I was actually doing work and dozed off and it vibrated after 30 minutes.

This can be helpful for people doing work at office or studying at home but don’t even consider this while driving.

As a conclusion, I would say you can’t get the world in 2k. It’s a great product at this price range. So if you are looking for a really cool looking gadget with multiple features that actually works with a very few limitations then it’s a definite go.

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