Hom – TV a smart TV with an even smarter Price (under 35K)

A television set is like an additional member in our family. Whether their choice of show is same or different each member of the family has an affinity to this member. From cartoons to music, from fictional shows to news our humble television set allow us a large variety to choose from.  In case your humble soul is from a smart generation or shall we say if you own a smart Tv, the Pandora’s box is wide open for your perusal.

With so much great content available online the requirement for a smart TV in increasing day by day. Let’s be honest, the only thing stopping us from grabbing that smart TV is the price point. What if I tell you that a 55” 4k UHD Smart TV is soon coming your way with a price that is lower than a high-end mobile phone!!!

Well, now that I have gotten your attention let me introduce you to the brand “HOM,” an India-based consumer electronics and appliances company.  Their aim is to deliver superior-quality products across the country, with an affordable (preferably lowest) price point to its consumers. Their newest offering is a “55” Smart LED 4K TV.

Quick Specifications of Hom smart TV –

  • 4K HD Display
  • Android 4.4
  • 1 GB RAM
  • HD Display
  • Built in Wi-Fi
  • RJ45 (Ethernet)
  • 3 HDMI Port
  • 2 USB Port
  • 1 Video Input
  • Smart Remote
  • Weather Update

A LED Smart Television with Miracast Technology and stunning 4K HDR picture quality. The brand promises to bring everything you like to watch.  Movies, shows, music, sports, games or online content, the HOM television assures an immersive experience to your Television escapades, whatever you’re watching and whatever the source.

The HOM 55” Smart LED is integrated with the latest technologies such as – user-friendly android interface, Wi-Fi, endless internet supported in-built apps along with 3 HDMI Port, 2 USB Port, and VGA Port.  On top of it, TV is crafted with Super Energy Saving Technology which consumes less than half percent of energy than usual.

Salient features –

Slim and Seamless profile –

Whether you want the TV to be wall mounted or on a stand, it will blend seamlessly into your space due to its slim profile. An added advantage is that its narrow bezel lets you focus on the screen and not the frame.

4K HD Display

You can enjoy a brilliant Full HD 1080 real viewing experience that upscales every pixel for exceptional picture clarity. The dynamic visuals and the striking contrast ratio blend together to bring a fusion of brightest and darkest colors aptitude.

Clear Sound –

The HOM TVs are not only delivering exceptional viewing experience but also the sound so that you can enjoy the most of it. For a richer and deeper sound experience, the TV Audio is fine-tuned to hear music/dialogue and surround effects.

Smart Remote –

HOM smart tv comes with a Smart Remote so that you can handle all the smart features of your smart TV in just one touch.  Additionally, the smart remote can control any device through Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and Infrared like your TV.

Built-in Wi-fi –

An inbuilt WiFi interface so that you do not require a separate USB dongle or PCI card. The Miracast technology enables you to stream directly from your Laptop, PC or NAS Drive.

Android 4.4 –

The ‘KitKat,’ not only optimizes the operating system but lets you download and tailor the Apps according to your usage.


HOM smart TV comes with an inbuilt Youtube App, that lets you enjoy your favorite videos on a bigger screen.

Weather Update –

Your smart tv now comes with an inbuilt app that will update you on the current weather in every 30 minutes.

365 days replacement –

Now, that’s confidence. The company offers a 365 days replacement warranty along with HOM smart TV.

Price Point

Agreed Price Point is not really a feature but when you get all this and more, under 35K it automatically becomes one.

Jumping on to your next query where and from when will the HOM TV available, visit this website – http://homindia.in/

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