How to Get Hotstar premium account Free for Lifetime?

Hotstar is the hottest topic of discussion now. Why? Well, this lets you watch everything just by few clicks and that too in a package. Isn’t it the most exciting thing? From different genres of sports, access to drama channels and mega soaps, and even some of the sensational Hollywood TV series!

While you can watch everything on the TV, for the busy bugs, who are always running in the fast-paced world, the entertainment quotient can thus be fulfilled with the help of Hotstar. Recently I have written an article about download hotstar video.

Hotstar Premium Version in free

Hotstar Premium Version in free

The Difficulty!

While the truth is, with the help of Hotstar you can practically check out anything you want, but there lies a problem, mostly in case of Hollywood shows. What exactly? The need for a premium membership! That’s right! You need to spend an amount of 200 bucks every month in order to enjoy the premium shows. While the amount may seem to be cost effective for some, it is not the case for the majority of lives. So, what’s the solution? Well, the good news is you can have access to the premium shows too and for absolutely free of cost. You just need to be aware of the tricks, which you’ll come to know as you read on.

The Advantages!

Guess your excitement to know the tricks is taking leaps. But just hold on! Before going through the mainstream tricks, know how premium accounts can help you out.

  • The most exciting thing- you can have access to all the Hollywood shows
  • Can watch premium movies as well
  • Those shows which cannot be seen from mobile browsers can also be viewed
  • You even get a better user interface

Well, the most popular TV show as of now, ‘The Game of Thrones’ is just a few days away and you surely don’t want to miss a single episode, right? So, make this tricks your tool. Check them out here!

There are three possible hacks and you can go for anyone. Systematically it has been mentioned below. Choose the most convenient one and just enjoy!

#1 With the help of Freecharge Virtual credit card

  • For mobile users, the first step is to download the Hotstar Application. It supports Windows, iOS and Android as well. So, whatever phone you have, you can just easily download it
  • Now, navigate to the Home Tab
  • Select the TV shows or movie, whichever you want to see and click on the link
  • It will redirect you to a page which will show an option “Start your free trial”
  • Click on that and fill the form, entering your details and email id as well
  • The next step that will follow will show an option for “Credit/Debit card”
  • Now visit the Freecharge Website, complete the process for creating your Freecharge virtual card
  • Once done, you will be asked to fill a form for signing up for free trial
  • The free trial will come to an end after a period of time. So, just delete the Hotstar app and reinstall it and follow the steps by signing up with another email address.

#2 With the help of Jio TV App

  • In your Mobile, you need to first download the Jio TV App
  • Once installed just open it and click “Skip Sign in”
  • There will be no need for entering any of your credentials
  • Now choose the channel you wish to see and click on the channel icon
  • This will automatically take you to Hotstar App where you need to sign up
  • This will open another page for you. Ignore and click “Skip Sign in”
  • This will open your show. Enjoy the TV shows or live shows of your choice

#3 With the help of Credit/Debit card

  • Go to your account, log in, which will open up the payment page
  • Pay Rs 199 using your card
  • Now, just end your Hotstar subscription on the 28th or 29th day of activation
  • This will let you get back all the money to your account
  • Once you got your refund, delete and register again with another account and follow the above steps

All these tricks are going to work just fine. Give them a try and enjoy those shows, which were just a dream for you!

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