How to increase Twitter followers – Twitter Tips for 2014

Getting more Twitter followers is a way to get your name out to more and more potential customers.  However, these followers need to be quality followers.  You want people who will actually read your tweets and retweet them.  There are some quick things you can do to build a quality list of Twitter followers.

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Complete and effective Twitter profile and no need to be Fake
On web or in real life everyone wants to get in touch only with genuine people. So don’t underestimate Twitter if you want to get some business from Twitter.  Below are the tips to create an eye-catching Twitter profile –

  • Put your own picture as a profile and bid adieu to celebrities’ pictures. If you are running a brand then use the brand logo.
  • Use Twitter Header that highlights your profile. To get a decent twitter header just Google term “Twitter Header”, in images you can find thousands of option. I found my Twitter header from Google only. Below is the snapshot my profile –

Interesting  Twitter Profile

You can change your header by following given path twitter.com/settings/profile section

  • Use an interesting author bio; you can use #tags to describe yourself.  Below is the sample-

Its me Tanya aka Yogita 🙂 A #blogger, SEO SMO Professional, #Gemini, Self Obsessed, Gabby, Party Animal, Writer, Innovative and a lot more. Delhi NCR India · about.me/Yogitaaggarwal

  • Don’t forget to get a customized background. There are number of online resources from where you can get a customized Twitter background.
  • When you are creating your profile, make sure to fill it out completely.  Put your company name, location and website address.
  • For the bio, talk about what your business does, when it was established and any other pertinent information.  Do not be promotional in your bio.  If people feel that your bio is trying to sell them something, it is unlikely that they will choose to follow you.

Tweet Often and Purposefully

To be active on twitter is not an easy task, for that you need to post interesting tweets for your followers. Tweeting more often creates your visibility among your followers. On average, one should post at least once a day, but ideally twice a day.  On the other hand, yes be careful not to post too much else you may be seen as a spammer.

Tweet interesting, funny and Motivational thoughts

One should not always post about his business.  It is important to look for interesting links that are related to what you do.  For example, if you sell diving equipment, you can look for articles about oceans, shark attacks, the bends or interesting new equipment.  You want to keep your posts interesting and related to what you do.  As you can see, you do have a lot of leeway.  Only post business news when you actually have some.  There is no need to essentially pimp your business in every single post.

Time to time post something funny, trending stories and motivational to entertain your readers.

Post Images and Videos – To use images and video in a tweet can make your Twitter post more eye-catching. So if possible always use media files to with your tweets.

Use #hashtags – Use atleast one or two #tags with your post. Right use of hashtags can help you in connecting with people of similar interest.

Be Social – Use Retweet and favorite to get noticed. Retweeting tweets of others can actually improve your online visibility a lot; also it helps in getting more twitter followers. So be social and appreciate others.

Follow Similar People – If you see people who either work in your industry, or are obviously very interested in it, follow them.  For example, if you sell cooking equipment, follow restaurants, food bloggers, those who frequently post about food or cooking and known chefs.  This can help you to get exposure and will result in some of these people following you back.

Ask for Retweets – It is perfectly acceptable to ask for retweets.  However, you do not want to ask this for every post.  Save this for things like occasional sales or contests.  This is for times when you want your followers to help you spread the word.  When you post things you want retweets one, just add “Please RT” or “please retweet” at the end of the post.  It is inevitable that not all followers will retweet, but if even a handful does, this exposes your name and tweet to thousands of more people who may choose to follow you and check out your brand.

Also you can use www.justretweet.com to get twitter exposure for your tweets.

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