Infographic – Cloud Expenditure Growing Every Year

The economy has not been kind for the past few years, but now we are starting to see an upswing, and one area where budgets are set to increase dramatically is in the world of computing, and in particular, the cloud. Overall cloud computing budgets are expected to increase significantly over the next three years, with average projected expenditure of $17,985 by 2016, up from $5,5431 in 2012.

Large expenditure increases are expected in the IaaS niche, increasing to $9,194 from $2,772. PaaS and SaaS are also set to see spending increases, although overall expenditures in those niches are lower.

The cloud is a $110 billion industry, and its worth is increasing every year. It has taken a long time for consumers and businesses to accept the idea of the cloud, but now that semantic data and complex services are the primary uses of the Web (instead of simple static pages), the technology is starting to come into its own and be accepted by users.

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This educational infographic by A CWCS Production explores the recent history of the cloud, and looks at likely adoption, spending and usage figures up until 2020. Do these projections match your cloud computing infrastructure plans?

future of cloud infographic


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