Common Computer Keyboard Shortcut Keys For Windows

With this blog post we just want to help those web users who spend their full day in typing on laptops & PCs. Using keyboard shortcuts can be really beneficial for such users.  Such users can easily increase their productivity with use of  “combination of keyboard keys”  instead of using touch pad and external mouse.
One should always prefer to use more keyboard rather than mouse as excess use of mouse pad would lead wrist strain. We are sharing the most common keyboard shortcut keys for windows machine. Below are the most common keyboard shortcuts.

 Keyboard Shortcuts

For selecting, copying, pasting and cutting:
CTRL + A , Select all the text
CTRL + C, Copy all the selected text (Ctrl + Insert)
CTRL + V, Paste all copied data of clipboard (Shift + Insert)
CTRL + X, Cut the selected data

For finding files:
CTRL + F, Open “File Find Dialog Box” (F3)

Action controller: UNDO & REDO:
CTRL + Y, Redo the last action
CTRL + Z, Undo the last action

For createing, opening, saving, and printing:
CTRL+ N, Creates new file or web browser window
CTRL+ O, Open a file or document
CTRL + S, Saves a file or web page
CTRL+ P, Print all the selected area, Check Top 5 Printers Below Rs 5000 in India

Format shortcuts:
CTRL+ B, Bold
CTRL+ I, Italic
CTRL+ U, Underline

Work with browsers:
CTRL+ T, Open a new tab in opened browser
CTRL+ Shift + T, Reopen a file accidentally closed
CTRL+ H, To check browser History
CTRL+ W, To close the window

Cursor controller keyboard shortcut keys:
CTRL + Left arrow, Moves the cursor to the beginning of the previous word
CTRL + Right arrow, Moves the cursor to the beginning of the next word
CTRL + Shift + Left arrow/Right arrow, Highlights the full previous or next word
CTRL + Backspace, Deletes the word on the left of cursor
CTRL + Home, Moves to the top of the document
CTRL + End, End of the document

Capture now:
ALT + Print Screen, Capture a screenshot of open window
CTRL + Print Screen, Capture the entire screen/desktop

Function keys:
F1: Open the Help page
F2: Rename the file (e.g., file in Windows Explorer)
F3: Find or search
F4: Shows the address bar in browser
F5: Refreshes the current browser page
F6: Moves to a different panel or screen element in a window or the desktop

Windows shortcuts:

CTRL+ ALT+ Delete, Open the Windows Task Manager
ALT + Tab, to move to the last working file. ( Helps in quick jump to open applications)
WIN + D, Show desktop
WIN + L, Lock your machine
CTRL + Shift + N, Create a new folder
Shift + Delete, Permanently delete files
ALT+Enter or ALT+Double-click: Go to the properties screen for files or folders
Window+R: Run Command Open

Exit Shortcut:
ESC, To cancel all the current tasks, Also check – Link

“Readers, Don’t forget to share your most used Windows Keyboard shortcuts  in our Comment Section.”

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