N-gage App Review – An App with Privacy and Fun Features

The new chat app scores over its predecessors on many counts.

We the ‘Mango People’ (Aaam Aadmi) would have seldom thought about privacy and data security before accessing any app till the time recently the data encryption issue emerged due to the iPhone and federal  agencies rift. Whatsapp also announced end-to-end encryption to protect user privacy. But, if we as individual act little more diligently, we can save ourselves from lot of trouble and embarrassment.

I came across this interesting app called n-gage which has many features which can be used to make your chatting experience safe. The best feature, which I do not think any other app in the recent times provide is Extract, which allows user to retrieve a particular message or entire chat from the other persons mobile without even touching his/her device. One can also disable screenshot option with this app.

Extract Feature N gage app

Other unique feature includes Blink and Scramble. With the blink feature, you can time you messages and send it across to friends and individuals and the message will vanish from other people’s devices, after a certain time frame. The scramble feature allows to distort your messages and only the receiver can read it with a certain simple tap on the messages. This is again very unique feature to this app.

If you are travelling or in a public place, many people are snooping on your mobile screen and can see your pictures or chat.

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With Safe you can be assured that your message is only read by the person you intended it to read and no one else can open the message, as it is password protected. Also, now you can store your personal chats and images in Private Area.N Gage App Safe Feature

n-gage the 360 degree lifestyle chat app is the first app to cross the platform barrier. With n-gage you can give a video call to your friends on WhatsApp, WeChat and other similar apps and can also do video conferencing.

With doodle plus you can create personalized messages and play around with funny n-stickers and n-cards. You can have different themes for different groups and friends and can add upto 300 people in one single group.

N Gage App

One has the option to chat in over 45 languages including Indian languages such as Bengali, Punjabi, Hindi, Gujarati, Urdu etc. There is ‘Know’ button, which provides health tips and diet tips, which can be useful for people who are health conscious. Download it from here.

So people you have one more app, but it is quite interesting and worth trying for sure. Do give a download to this amazing app and share your experience with this.

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