Recharge Android SmartPhone with Adventurous 3D Games

Kudos! You have landed up on a right post. Here you will get to know about some of most stunning 3D games for your android SmartPhone. After purchasing a high-end SmartPhone, every user tries to get the best out of android to experience the magic of his or her device. The emotion of finding excellent applications doubles in case of Android using game lovers. They just want to show off the mighty processors of their SmartPhones and become the stars of their herds. And, they really mean it.

In case, you are the one among such 3D game lovers then this post is a treasure for you. From here, you can get the information about rocking games for your Android SmartPhone.

Crusade of Destiny


Well, it surprises you with its 3D sound effect positioning. It is one of its kind full-scale 3D RPG game, which is developed by the DvideArts. It uses ShiVa3D engine to perform accurately on your screen. So, if you have played giant games like World of WarCraft then you are going to pour your love on this game. It sports below mentioned features.

  • 3D Special Effects

  • Customizable Hotkeys

  • Compatible with 1st Generation Android Phones

  • Multiple Lands & Caverns

  • Balanced Economy System

This application is available at the cost of $5.99. You can buy this app from Google play store. It works perfectly on Nexus One (Powered by Google).

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Heavy Gunner


Often, Gamers try to find some exclusive Mach type 3D game and end up playing Heavy Gunner. It is an interesting game, which provides excellent first person shooter game play. You will shoulder the responsibility of slaughtering aliens with lots of guns and ammunitions. Some of the key features of this game are mentioned below:

  • 3 levels of difficulty

  • 30 missions

  • International Online Ranking

You can get this app at the expense of $2.99 per device. Sadly, it is not optimized for first-degree android devices. So, you need to upgrade your SmartPhone for playing this game.

Dungeon Hunter

If you are a fanboy of Gameloft then you will surely love to shed a certain part of your income on the game created by this developer. In last two games, which went identical to existing game plays, the reputation has got hurt. But, Dungeon Hunter will appease you with its qualitative game play and ultra smooth graphical transformation. You will plunge yourself into the plot of this stunning game. Some other features are given below.

  • Provides Great Controls with Stunning 3D Graphics

  • Five Ferries with Unique Personalities & Styles

  • You can choose from three different classes to get the different skill set.

You can get this gaming application just by paying $6.99 to the vendor. It might go unsmooth on first generation Android SmartPhones.

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So, what you are thinking after reading about these android games. It is sure that you will be gearing up for choosing the one from above mentioned list. It will help you in doubling up the joy and utility of your android  powered SmartPhone.

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