Seven SEO Mistakes Beginner Make

seo mistakesSelf-publishing is as easy as A B C, right? Yes! The difficult part is getting people in the cyberspace to notice what you have published in your blog, website, e-magazines, e-books, etc..  You start a blog, stuff it with highly noticeable content, tell your friends, e-mail contacts, everybody you know. Do you think your website to go spiraling up the search engine results?  You could not be more wrong.

Here are the 7 mistakes that you cannot afford to commit.

1. Keyword Mechanism – Make all efforts to get your blog noticed by focusing on search engine rends. Search engines are the gateway through which the seekers of information enter the net. Let you headline or title to be as catchy as can be. However, remember the keyword factor. Your keyboard should hold  the central place in the title. Keyword distribution within the text should be seen to be overriding the content. It is the content, not the keyword that a visitor is looking for.

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 2. Content has its own Value but…. – The last paragraph emphasized on great content but that is not the only thing that is important for SEO. You might have a distinguished content but no one except you knows it. Of what use is that? Internet is so vast that there many billions of pages in it. It is like talking to yourself but expecting someone sitting across the room to hear and respond to you.  Get it across to the people that you have a website running. Tell the people belonging to the niche by advertising. Free advertising should do for beginners.

seo focus

 3. Your Life and your Stories – Are you Miley Cyrus? Or, are you Warren Buffet?  If not, we assure you that not many people (except maybe your parents and first and second cousins) will be interested in reading all the small things you did and all the smaller things that happened to you. You can resort to writing about you after you have established some rapport with the reader but not at the introductory stage.

 4. Don’t Change your Design Often – Your daily visits lasting minutes or hours will make you wonder if the design is alright or not. Do not keep changing the face of your blog. It is the same as changing your own face. That just cannot work, can it?

 5. Don’t write on a Daily Basis – Contrary to popular notion, do not keep posting new entries everyday if you are not as diverse as Mars is from Pluto. Even a slight resemblance will put off the people.

 6. Twitter or Facebook – Twitter and Facebook are wonderful tools but they do not always work to the advantage of your blog. Even if you have a following numbering a thousand, the actual  readers of your tweets or FaceBook entries may only be a fraction. If you can continually keep a watch, you will soon know the level of your achievement though.

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 7. Snowballs are no Ball – Snowballs are for playing, not fit for SEO. So, forget about the “Snowball Effect”. The idea is that you write a blog entry and gain a number of visitors. One more entry and some readers and so on… This sounds nice but in practical life, this does not happen. It does, however, if you wait for the audience to grow.

Author Bio: Sara Xiang is an author with and also manages their basic branding and reputation management policies online. Her experience with the content marketing on digital platform is diverse which helps her crack campaigns with ease and finesse. 


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