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If WordPress is in your bones then WordCamp is the perfect place for you. As a keen observer and user of all WordPress versions, it is beneficial for you to attend a WordCamp, which’s a casual, locally-organized conference covering everything related to WordPress. The open-access nature of WordPress has made it one of the most preferred web platforms for a majority of internet users residing in different countries of the world. With inbuilt personal publishing software, WordPress powers over 25 millions sites on the World Wide Web. Through this blog of mine I would be making you familiar with what exactly a WordCamp is and how it can prove to be beneficial for everyone who’s involved in using WordPress plug-ins, themes etc.

What are WordCamps?

WordCamps are the conferences held in order to make people aware about the correct usage of WordPress. These are sessions conducted for educating WP users about the means of using the WP plugins, themes etc. The advanced techniques and security measures used in different versions of WordPress are being covered under WordCamps, that’re held in different flavors, based on the local communities that produce them.

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 To get a clearer picture of the different types of sessions typically seen at WordCamps, check out this video: WordCamp channel at WordPress.tv. The growing success of WordPress technology has witnessed a considerable increase in the count of WordCamps that’re being held for the benefit for WP developers and end-users.

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Till date, around 207 WordCamps have been successfully held across 116 cities, 38 countries and 6 continents of the world with more yet-to-be-held in the forthcoming years. No restriction is available for these sessions. These events can be attended by every WordPress user, irrespective of his/her level of expertise of using WordPress and its features. People ranging from blogging newbies to professional WP developers and consultants are regular attendees at these WP education programs.

What to Expect from a WordCamp?

Well, if you’re thinking of attending a WordCamp, you may be wondering what to expect. I am here to eliminate all your doubts regarding your expectations from a WordCamp. Here’s a list of what all you can expect from attending one:

  • In-depth information on WordPress– As a standalone event dedicated to WordPress, WordCamp allows you to get answers for questions related to WordPress and its correct usage. You can get useful information on issues around blogging, business and social media that’re related to WordPress.
  • Chance of making connections & promoting collaboration– WordCamp is an excellent platform where you can meet and learn from professional WordPress users. In addition to this, you can even grab the opportunity of finding new collaborators, employees, employers and potential co-conspirators, possessing the same level of WP passion as yours.
  • Opportunity of showcasing your WordPress talent– As a WordPress lover (which I’m sure you are as you’re reading this blog) attending a WordCamp presents you a lifetime opportunity of showcasing your WordPress skills. You can start off by participating as a local speaker/presenter and gradually transform into a prominent WordPress personnel.

Perks– Though not mandatory, WordCamps use a portion of their budget to create commemorative t-shirts and/or to provide food and beverage to the attendees at the session. In other words, attending a WordCamp can truly turn out to a complete learning and fun experience for you.

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Here’s hoping the information furnished in this post would certainly encourage you to attend a WordCamp held in your locality. Trust me; such WordPress education session can actually ignite your love and passion for learning new things in the WordPress world. So, wait no further and attend one that’ll help you hone your WordPress knowledge base by huge bounds and leaps.

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