Do Marketing Not Spam, Spocto presents ‘The Need to Unspam’ Survey

Spocto, a soon-to-be launched marketing platform, today unveiled the findings of a unique survey on the extent and effects of marketing spam on consumers and marketers. The study conducted with a sample size of 5000 consumers and marketers each across top 10 metros.

Key highlights from the study:

Current Outlook for Consumers: Spam – More is Not Merrier!

  • 7 out of 10 consumers have experienced receiving multiple messages on different platforms from the same brand (or ‘spam’) within a week’s span
  • If consumers receive a promotional message on a platform of their preference, the response rate could be as high as 68%
  • Only 34% of consumers mentioned having signed up voluntarily to receive promotional communication from brands, with majority expecting to receive alerts about sales and deals related to their interests
  • 68% of the marketers surveyed acknowledged sending bulk messages or ‘spam’ to their customers
  • 83% of the consumers want personalized content but only 58% of the marketers personalize the communication
  • Unspamming just email communication itself can help conserve 33 billion KW of power that can provide electricity to 2.4 million homes
  • E-commerce, food, BFSI, travel, education, jobs and real estate emerged as the sectors that send maximum spam messages.

Current Outlook for Marketers: Promotions = Spam

  • A whopping 68% of marketers agreed to be spamming consumers with multiple messages on different platforms – social media, email, calls and SMS
  • Most marketers remain in the dark about the number of times they connect with a consumer on different platforms, and almost 93% agree that a consolidated consumer profile connecting their email id to their social media profile will improve customer targeting
  • Spamming has its side effects Majority of the marketers believed that it spoils their brand name, followed by brand stakeholders stating that it leads to wastage of budget and resources, and unnecessary expenditure that is beyond their allocated budgets

The Need to Unspam - spocto Study

Marketers unanimously agreed that improvements in targeting methods could reduce their marketing budgets

“The study brings to light a burgeoning problem in the space of marketing today. An increasingly digital world may have given the brands more avenues to reach out to the consumers but it has also led to a wastage of budgets, increased expenditure and low conversion rates, because of spam. Consumers today are more responsive than ever if approached sensibly on a platform of their choice. Marketers need to combine technology with thorough research in order to target the customers at the right time at the right platform”, said Sumeet Srivastava, CEO, spocto.

About spocto

Funded by Intelligentia, spocto is a big data analytics marketing platform that analyses all digital touch points including Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, mobile and email to facilitate respect based marketing.

An innovative, multi-channel consumer engagement platform, spocto, through advanced analytics, streamlines brand communication and recommends the preferred digital platform to reach a customer. Through hyper-local tracking mechanisms, spocto creates individual customer profiles which reflect their behaviour across digital mediums.

With the information generated, the company helps brands target relevant audiences by providing insights on the most frequented platforms, preferred time and interests. This multi-lingual platform has an expertise in providing 360 degree actionable insights into the preferences of the rural, urban and semi-urban population.

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