Tengi – The Chat App that Gives Back

Tengi, free to download and use, allows users to send texts, emoticons, location, voice messages, photo, video and audio messages. It also sends notifications when the message has been delivered and read. It’s easy to set up group chats with friends, family and anyone with shared interests such as a club, society or organisation.

 One of its newest stand out features allows users to add their Facebook friends on Tengi even without having their phone number in their contacts list. Their USP is their business modelsharing at least half of its ad revenues with users every week in the form of cash prizes.

 Users get tickets by using the app and also when their friends join Tengi – so more the users chat on Tengi, the more tickets they gather.

 Finally, all the tickets a user has gained are entered into the weekly draw which takes place on the Friday of each week.

Winners are then chosen at random and the prizes range from INR 10, 00,000 to INR 450. So the more tickets a user gets during the week, the more chances he/she has to win in the free prize draw.

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Know more about Tengi:

The technical team for Tengi is supported by QBurst, which based out of Kochi in India

Tengi is supported by a network of angel investors from the UK, China, South Africa and the United States.

Tengi can be downloaded for iOS and Android via the app stores:

You can visit their website at: http://tengi.com/

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