Top Air Conditioner Brands in India 2018

Air conditions might sound luxurious but the present scenario has made this a necessity. A necessitated fact is to understand that it is being introduced on almost all Indian homes. However, the increase in the long summers are another reason for this luxurious commodity to instantly be a necessity among commoners.

The perception of fact is to understand that when you are investing on some long term gadget what should be the concerned factor. Well, on this aspect let us be aware of some definite brands which can help you with some best results.

The top ten brands of air conditioners are as follows:


On understanding the fact that it has become a typical venture for the AC marketer. It is quite necessary for the middle-class families to decide on the right purchase. The need for these five straight air conditioner is because of its Anti dust quality, nano silver protection that assists in having the right filters. The hydrophilic aluminum fin makes it have a sophisticated look and also works in regulating the temperatures.

Their vent with cross flow allows the right circulation of air. Sleep modes, turbo option, swim mode, LCD Remote, and Timer are the common modes available. The higher the rates, the higher the advanced features comes into your experience.


Samsung is one of the brands that has invented quite an advanced air condition. This brand has proven to have Antivirus mode on higher end products that allows in avoiding viral spread. The anti-bacterial feature with a tropical used compressor makes it even more popular.

The five star rating cooling gadget has a dehumidifying feature that is another reason for its popularity. Apart from these significant features you tend to get all the other advanced features of any modern air conditioner. The digital display of control panel is designated to provide a comfortable visually.


Alike the other air conditioners, when it has all the definite features of any modern cooling effect, you can certainly look forward to have this ultra-combination air conditioner. The right air control with the right display provides the right assistance. Quite necessarily the intense user friendly operation makes it quite assisting. This alike the other cooling element provides with both split and window type.


Quite assisting when you have to believe the right parameter of how an air conditioner works, you can choose LG. The three definite kinds of cooling structures can make you solve your purpose. The split, window and floor standing are its three structures.

Quite evidently the dial protection mode, auto clean, automatic control of operations and monsoon comfort makes it quite an interesting buy by the consumers. There are various ranges and that can be sorted as per your budget.


The first launcher of WiFi AC in India has quite an interesting grip in the market. The practical facts and figures and the features makes it one of the best brands. The Aryabot AC, Hot & Cold AC, Penta Inverter AC are of the newest kind apart from Split AC.

The automation mode, smooth controlling factors and contrastive monsoon regulation are the prime features. The higher end products are available with much concrete technological advanced configuration.

Blue Star:

When you talk about AC’s in India, you get to know about the variant features of domestic AC. However, Blue Star is considered to have the best centrally air conditioners. Mostly all commercial places are in need of higher voltage centralized air conditioners.

The banks, offices, shopping malls all are mostly suited with this significant featured air conditioner. The greater aspect is about its power consumption mode.


With an expanding market this particular brand has all the definite technologically advanced features. The LCD Remote that is wireless provides an easy carry in the room or the hall. The rotary compression allows to take a note on the electric consumption.

Quite descriptively it also meets weather fluctuations that makes the air to create a soothing effect in the room. Its silent cooling is quite a mandatory aspect for it to have the right portrayal of three brand.


Starting from a lower range, it has one of the most budget friendly cooling gadgets. The right feature and the advanced technological advancement makes you look forward to bring the right product at home. Quite instantaneously it is representing the definite requirements. However, the higher end products will provide you with the advanced features.

The starting range truly acquires the greatest customers of this particular brand. However, the innate quality is another perception that makes the consumers believe in what they purchase. Quite efficiently the requirement increases the consumption of this particular brand.


The major Japanese production company has started revolting in the market for almost a century now. The Indian market of this brand is also precisely the exceptional factor of consideration. The higher ranges have advanced features while it also has the regulated products that complete you to have a right air conditioner at home. The Daikin has been one of the primary industries that have not only taken as an aspect to consider about the comforting features but also makes you experience the right internal configuration.

On a contextual behavior, you can readily accept something that is pertinently a luxurious feature. On making it market friendly the right aspect is to have an introspection on literal completion of the entire set up.


The quality can be judged by the brand in this case. Though there are various reviews of the users, but Mitsubishi never fails to complete its range without the right configuration. The required perspective is definitely coordinating and the consumers achieve something that is exceptionally needed for having the cooling effect in the room.

Quite distinctively it satisfies the requirement more than it is required. The literal aspect that makes Mitsubishi famous is its entire structural gearing and the silent cooling effect that makes the expectation higher of the consumers.

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