Top easy ways to build backlinks for your blog in 2018

If you own a website or blog you should definitely know about link building.

What is the Link Building in SEO?

Link building is one of the most popular methods in SEO to improve & increase your sites rankings on top search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. Link building is just about creating external websites to link to pages on your website. After building links the search crawlers or spiders detects the numbers of good quality links to your website pages & increases your site’s ranking according to it.

Before starting with the best link building methods, check out some outdated link building techniques which you should not use:

  • Don’t use BlogRoll links.
  • Avoid using Article directory links.
  • Don’t buy links in bulk from Fiverr.
  • Avoid using private link networks because that is penalized & no more effective.
  • Try not to use site wide links from footer of the site like WordPress themes and plug-ins.

Here are some of the best tips, tools and website you can use for link building:

Guest Post: This method is one of the most popular methods these days. Posting an article on sites related to your niche will be beneficial for you and you can place your website’s links within your post for link building.

Interlink your blog and posts with your other posts: You can interlink your posts in your website with your other posts. This is also great opportunity for link building. If you are building backlinks then indexing backlink is also important.

Post to Social media and bookmarking sites: Use popular social media and bookmarking websites to post your blog posts. You can also post a short list and link your original post for full post.

Submit RSS feeds: You can use rss feed sites to submit your site’s rss feed and & link with it.

Research about your competitors: You can find more link building opportunities by researching about your competitor’s link building strategies. Try SEOmoz or moz’s Open site Explorer to find and analyze more link building opportunities. You can do this by finding common websites between your competitors and place your links to these websites. You will also get a list of most relevant to your niche don’t forget to link get backlink from those websites too.

Use Question Answer platforms like Yahoo and Quora: Put your website’s link on Quora with posting some answers under your cite. Make sure that you’re also posting relevant answer.

Make Internal links

Build links on local sites: List your business and link your website to a local / relevant state or city’s library or directory sites. It will be helpful for your business to visible for local searches. But don’t use this method if your website is about blogs and articles. This method is most useful if you own a local business website.

Ask your relatives and your colleagues for link: If your relatives and your colleagues has any website or blog you can also ask them to place your link to their website.

Write product reviews and post your links under reviews: If you are able to post different products then you can use the same skills to build links while creating reviews. You can post reviews on popular e-commerce sites like amazon. Remember to post the genuine review every time.

Create a list of Authority sites: Search on Google to find out some authority sites related to your website or blog category. You can also try Buzzsumo. Search for keywords in buzzsumo related to your niche and a list of websites will pop up. You can use this list of websites to find out some relevant authority sites that can help you for link building.

Make it easy for people to link you: You should make it easy for people to link to you so there is more probability for people to create a link to your website. You can make it easy for them by creating a html code snippet. So it will be easy for them to adopt your link easily without any hassle.

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