Why you should never start a Blog

With the exponential increase of Social media, everyone understands the urgency of important messages to be spread across the globe. Rather, too urgent, because now people don’t even wish to wait enough for the Bloggers or media to cover the news, everyone forwards and writes these days. Writing is a therapy, thus anyone should do it but not everyone can make it a profession. It is unfair to underestimate Blogging and believe that it doesn’t need talent or determination to be a Blogger.

This post is especially to address the number increasing websites and blogs and more importantly the number of failing blogs and websites. If you are thinking about starting a blog just because it is free and you have a little free time, do read the reasons why that is probably not a good decision.

If you don’t see yourself blogging 5 years down the line

Okay, so 5 years seems like a big span but if you can’t even imagine being a blogger for 5 years then you definitely cannot do it. I have met so many people who started with full enthusiasm and got the response but still lost interest. Blogging is a field of patience just like any other creative field.

If you think that ANYONE can do Blogging

‘Blogging isn’t a real profession anyone can do it. It doesn’t require talent’ this sentence makes me laugh and frown at the same time. I am not trying to scale your skill but it is about respecting the profession. If you don’t value it, it won’t be important to you on a subconscious level and thus you will never succeed. Blogging isn’t EASY and it isn’t a FREELANCE THING.

Wrong Inspiration

It is very important that you know the difference between inspiration and impression. If you are impressed by the things some stranger has achieved through Blogging (because this lifestyle can sometimes seem flashy) then that won’t last for long. Make sure that if you have decided to take up Blogging, it is not because you are impressed but Inspired by someone’s work and are genuinely interested.

Your Background

You don’t have to be a published writer or Bibliophile to be a Blogger ( though it helps! ). But, you have to enjoy writing. At Least, about the niche you plan to write about and feel strongly for. So, go back to your teenage or adulthood and try to recall if you ever enjoyed doing something related to Blogging. Everything can be learned except ‘how to be interested in the thing you lack interest in’ ?

If Money making is the only motivation you have

You obviously need money to survive but don’t enter Blogging because you expect to swim in the pool with dollar bills. Some days we are jobless, aimless and also suffer a writer’s block. Be prepared for all that before you enter.

If you cannot handle creeps

This one is a very special and strange reason but can’t be ignored. Once you start a blog you will definitely meet the strangest kind of people from Internet trolls to stalkers you will see it all. Since, Blogging asks for interaction with audience you will need to do that, with respect. Also, be prepared for a lot of hate. It just is a part of being on Internet.

If you have reached the end and eliminated all the reasons why you shouldn’t do it just answer one last question, WHY? If the answer is because you are passionate about it. Go ahead.

There are multiple free online sources available to teach you the basics of Blogging and help you for free. If you need any sort of help, do contact us, we would love to be of assistance to our fellow Blogger. Welcome to the community, friend.

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