Top 7 Sites To Get Free Stock Images

Check out the most known sites to get free stock images / photos. Incorporating few highest quality images is the ultimate way to improve a presentation, article, content and website, but you need to be careful while selecting the images! Google Images is quite tricky and can easily locate the duplication of the shot which you have never desired for. Using such images will not only shrink down the quality of your blog or content, but also violate the copyright of the actual owner.

Get HD images for free

Including images on blogs and websites is reckoned as the most powerful compared to the content written. Today, readers are becoming more impatience when it comes to reading the posts or blogs. So, incorporating correct images along with the content tend to allure the readers and compel them to read the entire content with patience, thus generating a genuine linkage. Locating quality images for blogs and websites becomes easier, especially if you are aware about the sites from where you can get those images. Below is a list of best sites for free stock photos where you may find high quality, free stock images that can be used in any WordPress Site.

Photo Pin

All creative people and bloggers can easily find quality, free images on this site. This website enables the bloggers to find wide variety of creative common images from Flickr API. The search for images made on this site enables the bloggers to specify the license type and even hover over thumbnails for preview of images. The captivating part of this site is that the images comprise appropriate attribution link on download page, thus allowing you to simply paste the image along with your blog post.


This website is the depository where sharing and finding public domain images become easier and faster. This website supports over 20 different languages, thus allowing people from across the globe to sign up for free and download images. The images downloaded from the website can be used anywhere in printed and digital format. Moreover, attribution to the actual author is not mandatory.


Compflight is the ultimate website that uses flickr API to pull in quality images. There are several unique and creative ways to tailor your searches, like searching by text, by tags, license etc. It also has the option to hide or expose originals and even turn on or off the content filter. It enables you to search appropriate images and include it along with the content with suitable attribution.

Google Image Search

Google Image Search is the most advanced and effective option available today that narrow down your search results including, license, face search, file type, domain or site, geographical location, image type, color and size. Though Google Image Search doesn’t have loads of frills, but it enables the users to reap maximum benefits of search engine which is narrowed especially for images. Also you can edit images with the help of online image editing tools to make them unique.


MorgueFile is the repository of free stock images. This archive for stock images is globally acclaimed for its free high resolution stock images. The search log option in the site enables you to view the images that are most popular and appreciated currently by the visitors. The images offered by this site are not less than 800×600 pixels. So, it is guaranteed to get decent size stock images here.


This website is reckoned as the search engine for free stock images and it comprises of photos from diverse licenses and sources. There are more than 20,000,000 free stock images available and the search can be narrowed by size, shape, license and resolution.


Stockvault comprises over 40,000 free stock images and the search option is totally category driven. But, the licensing here is more restricted compared to other sites as this website primarily dedicated towards high and medium resolution images that students and designers can use and share for non-commercial and personal work.

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