Thinking !! How to Save Laptop Battery Life?

Check now Tips on how to Save Laptop Battery Life” so that you can preserve the laptop battery for emergency.

Everyone who uses laptop know about the sinking feeling that they get in the pit of their stomach, especially when the battery of their laptop is about to die. The battery life of laptop is the most common factor that people consider while purchasing a new one. Battery life is the key aspect to the mobility of your laptop, thereby considering the battery life while purchasing is quite important. Definitely, we all love to carry thin and handy laptop with us, but the thinnest laptop is nothing but a paperweight when its battery dies.

How to Save Laptop Battery Life

Resource hungry apps and new graphic focused OS are really cutting down the battery life of your laptop. Sure, there are options of slice and extended batteries available for laptops, but these options will simply increase the weight of your laptop bag as your bag is already bogged down with accessories, files and cords. So, instead of carrying extra pack of batteries in your bag, you may try these following surefire ways to save laptop battery.          .

Lower down the screen brightness

The screen brightness tends to utilize most of the juice of your laptop battery. So, you can simply improve laptop battery life by lowering it down to any acceptable level. You can manually lower down the brightness of screen by pressing the correct key combination of your laptop. However, you may change the brightness level from the power profile so that it decreases automatically when you unplug.

Prevent all scheduled tasks from running on battery power

The disk defragmenter, virus scanner, and other auto updates are actually scheduled to run themselves automatically on regular basis, without your consent and knowledge. You may simply set these types of tasks to run only when the laptop is plugged to AC power, this will help you to increase life of laptop battery.

Turn off backlit keyboards

Most of the laptop today comes with the feature of backlit keyboard that enables the users to see the keys of laptop, even in dark rooms, but it sucks battery juice significantly. To save laptop battery you need to turn off the lights of keyboards.

Unplug all USB devices and remove all discs

Each USB peripheral that is attached to the laptop tends to consume battery power because they keep on registering itself with the operating system. They can even drain the battery juice of your laptop, even when they are not in use. So, you may simply remove the discs, USB keys modems, card readers, and all other peripherals that are not in use to save the battery power of your laptop.

Close messaging software and apps that ping the Internet in the background

When you browse internet, watch movie or check emails, messaging applications like Skype and Google Talk tend to hit the web consistently to see which contact is online and whether you have received any emails or messages. Besides, automatic updating applications from Google, Adobe and others also ping the internet at background to see whether there is any updates. So, to prevent all these hushed battery juice eating vampires, you need to stop them from loading at boot time. This will significantly increase the life of laptop battery.

Always Hibernate instead of sleep

Even when you turn off the lid of your laptop and put it to sleep; the motherboard and RAM keeps on consuming power so as to keep the memory active when the CPU slows down. This actually happens to keep the present session in memory so that the laptop can wake up instantly for your use. So, it is always better to put your laptop in Hibernate mode instead of sleep mode as in this mode the current session will be saved in disk automatically and it turns off the laptop completely, instead of going to sleep mode.

Though your laptop will take same amount of time to wake from hibernation as it does to boot, but after it wakes up you will be right on the session where you left. To select hibernate mode, you may click the button next to shutdown and select hibernate mode to improve laptop battery life.

Disable Bluetooth To Extend Laptop Battery Life

Most of the latest laptop models come with the feature of Bluetooth. But users probably don’t use it frequently. The radio waves from Bluetooth tend to consume power from battery, even when it is not connected to any device. So, play smart and turn off the Bluetooth when not in use.

Turn off Wi-Fi when not in use To Improve Battery Life of Laptop

When you use your laptop in places where no wireless signal is available, then you make use of Ethernet to browse internet. In such situation you can save loads of battery power by disabling the Wi-Fi of your laptop.

Ship shape with a defrag

Defragmentation of hard drive on regular basis helps organize the data more efficiently and hence making your laptop’s hard drive work less while accessing the data. Remember, when the hard drive will work quickly in systematic way, less pressure will be placed on the laptop battery. Thereby, the battery will last longer and you can work for long hours.

Keep it clean

Last but not the least; you should keep your laptop clean always to increase laptop battery life. Blocked air vents of your laptop will surely produce more heat and hence it will reduce the battery life of your laptop. Clean the air vents properly on regular basis so as to keep the operating temperatures low.


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