How to Download YouTube Private Videos?

Although, YouTube is loaded with a bulk of videos that you can easily see and have access to, there are many private videos too which are not visible unless and until the uploader has informed you about it or you get to know from some other source. YouTube is a great medium for all sorts of informational videos and even there are many such private videos that may be very helpful to you for gathering information or for your business.


How to watch youtube Private Video?

However, the default setting is public when you upload a video, but you can very well change the video to private by navigating through the settings. So, you need to have a formal invitation link, through which you can have an access to private videos. While the step for watching a private video is quite simple, you just need to follow them.

  • The first and foremost step to see a private video is the need to be signed in. Once you have done it, you can then click the link that has been emailed to you and start watching the video.
  • With the help of a Web browser, you can have access to the webmail account
  • The invitation will be sent to your email id by YouTube. So, for the link, you need to check your inbox. If you can’t find the link there, do go through the spam folder once.
  • And when you get it, click and open the email and simply follow the link for the private video and enjoy.

While the above-mentioned steps are the only possible way to have an access to the shared links for private video, there are some instances, where you can’t see the video even when it has been shared with you. Well, there are some possible reasons for this. Take a look!

  • As mentioned above, having a YouTube account is a must in order to see the video.
  • In the case of multiple YouTube accounts, choose the account accordingly, where the link has been shared with you. Remember that you cannot find private videos in the channel pages. Hence, the specific link is the only possible way.
  • The link can be sent in two ways- either directly by YouTube as a mail with the link attached, or you can even send it to a particular email address on your own.

How to Download Youtube Private Video?

While having an access is basically the key for private videos, when you do not have any access, you have to keep yourself satisfied with the available channels. However, when you have the link and everything is just in the place, time to download those videos. How? Well, follow these simple steps.

  • The first step is downloading and later installing YouTube by click
  • Now choose the video you want to download and copy the URL and paste it
  • In case of private videos, you will be required to log in. Well, you don’t have to create any separate account and the YouTube credential will do it for you
  • Log in with the account details which has the permission to access the private video
  • Once everything is done, look for the Download button and click it
  • Your downloading will start instantly and you can enjoy the video in no time

Download Private Youtube Video from other accounts

The above process can be repeated to download private videos for the same YouTube account. But when you have multiple accounts and the link has been shared in some other accounts, you need to change the account details. Changing your username and password is very simple and you need to follow the below-mentioned steps.

  • Navigate to Options followed by Accounts
  • You will see an option “Edit Account”
  • Click and you will find options for changing username and password
  • You can delete the existing account credentials by clicking “Delete Account” while at the same time add a new one
  • To add another account click on “Add Account”
  • The account that you have added now will be added as default every single time you download a private video.

Apart from all these, there may be another problem too. If you are student or employer, then you must be aware of youtube blocked in your school, colleges or office, so how to unblock youtube using youtube unblocker. Here is youtube unblocked complete guide here.

So, without worrying about the owner removing the private video, if a particular shared video is so important to you, you can simply download the private video following the above-enlisted steps.

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