Top 3 Smart-TVs to buy if your budget is under Rs 20,000

It’s the start of a decade and I can assure you that you don’t need to be loaded to purchase a reliable smart TV. The concept of buying a brand new electronic gadget has evolved over the years. The idea that we will have to spend a lot of money to purchase the latest gadget or device is long gone. The advent of multiple international brands in India has made it easier for people to buy them. The affordability factor has changed for the better as every year passes by.

Let us take a look at the best buys if your budget is lesser than Rs 20,000.

  1. Xiaomi Mi TV 4C Pro (32-inch)

They are a formidable brand when it comes to smartphones and their entry into the TV business in 2018 has made waves. Their initial product was a 55-inch 4k Mi TV 4 and couldn’t be termed as affordable to everyone. That has been rectified with their new range of Smart-TVs and it is said that their 32-inch Mi TV 4C Pro is priced at Rs 12,000. It is equipped with an HD resolution and allows for Google search to look for online content on your TV. This is due to the microphone enabled remote and all you need is a solid Wi-Fi plan to ensure a smooth Netflix experience!

  1. TCL 40S62FS (40-inch)

The TCL brand of electronics has steadily gained customers in India over the last few years. Their excellent range of TVs are worth mentioning about and this is where their 40-inch model comes in. It is priced at Rs 20,000 and has a full-HD resolution display to it. The features range from smart connectivity, Dolby audio, screen mirroring and stereo speakers. Online video streaming platforms like Netflix and YouTube have inbuilt apps on this TV and this gives you straight access to digital content.

  1. Samsung UA32N4000 (32-inch)

Both the above-mentioned options are purely for online purchasing and may not help when it comes to traditional customers. Samsung’s 32-inch model is suitable for those customers who solely believe in buying from a dealer or an electronics store. This Smart-TV is priced at Rs 19,800 and is perfect for both SD and HD viewing of content. The reputation of a brand like Samsung makes this product a dependable one and has an Indian Cinema mode, specifically added for the viewing experience of Indian customers.

These are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to smart TV options and all depends on the budget you have in mind. Most of the brands these days focus on customer service and feedback and is sure to get a reliable servicing experience from them.

Don’t worry as you could begin the new decade with a brand new Smart TV. Go for it!

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