WixStores: Easiest Way to Create a Feature-Rich Online Store

In an age where the world is more connected together than ever before, small businesses are looking for cost-effective ways to promote and sell their products. If you have products to sell and want to reach your target market, having an online store is the best way to start selling. But many small business owners never go ahead with creating an ecommerce store because they consider it to be an expensive project to create and manage. Even marketing an online store is seen as a complex task that requires a big marketing budget. But all those concerns are nothing more than misconceptions because you have a powerful tool in the form of Wix Stores that allows you to create your own online store in minutes, promote and manage it with utmost ease.

Create Your Full-Fledged Online Store

Wix is a free Website builder that comes with complete range of tools, apps, and hosting solutions required for you to create a website. And its Wix Stores module is dedicated specifically to simplifying ecommerce website creation. It is easy, powerful and quick and highly resourceful.

You can create your own online store that is beautiful and fully functional with all the shipping, payment, taxes, and tracking solutions. You can promote it using apps from Wix App Market. And you can also manage it on your fingertips, from your desktop or mobile device. You can create an elegant, well-organized and attention-grabbing storefront that is mobile optimized and easy to manage.

Main Features

The main features that make WixStores so special are as following:

Create a Beautiful & Mobile Optimized Online Store

WixStores offers hundreds of professionally designed, beautiful templates that can draw anyone’s attention. Select the template based on your business category and design requirements. Then use the drag-and-drop based editor to customize the design. Choose from a wide range of galleries to display your products in the best-possible way. Showcase your products based on what applies best to your niche.

You will not have to hire the services of a web developer to ensure that your online store is mobile optimized. WixStores has mobile-optimized templates and functional elements. With more than 50% of Google searches originating in mobile devices, you simply cannot ignore the importance of effective rendering of your site on smartphones and tablets.

Create Custom Product Galleries

Once you have a visitor on your website, it is the presentation of your products that play the key role in converting them. WixStores allows you to choose from hundreds of galleries and customize them to your specifications.

  • You can set custom specifications like colors and sizes for each product.
  • Add elaborate descriptions and any number of images to explain your products.
  • Market ‘limited stock’ or advertise a special offers by adding ribbons to products.

Wix store

Create Professional Checkout Process

It is the technical aspects that most online store owners are concerned about. WixStores simplifies each aspect. All you have to do is click through the process and Wix will show you how to do the rest.  

  • Accept Payments: Offer a wide range of payment options to shoppers – credit cards, PayPal or other options.
  • Shipping & Tax: The platform allows simple shipping and tax rule management. Modify them as and when required with just a few clicks.
  • Security: Wix uses industry-standard security systems including SSL encryption technology to ensure your data and your shopper’s financial and personal information remains safe and secure.

Easy Store Management

This is another aspect that is considered as the ugly part of owning an online store. WixStores simplifies this part as well.

  • Manage Inventory: Stay on top of your inventory to the tiniest detail such as size and color.
  • Order Tracking: From the moment an order is placed to the moment it is shipped, keep track of all your orders from your Store Manager panel.
  • Promotion: The best thing about online shoppers is that with some effort you can make them your long-term ‘clients’ who keep returning to you for more. WixStores comes with excellent email marketing tools like ShoutOut to nurture your existing customers or visitors to grow your revenues.

A Zero Commission Ecommerce Platform

It is hard to come across an ecommerce development platform that doesn’t charge you a commission on each sale. WixStore is an exception because it has a ‘zero commission’ model. Sell any number of products, but you don’t have to pay any percentage to this website builder.

WixStores also has a vast App Market with all kinds of apps to create a feature-rich and fully functional online store. There are hundreds of apps that can add valuable functionalities to your ecommerce store, including:

  • Site Booster: Get your online store found in search engines and drive targeted traffic.
  • Wix Get Subscribers: Create and grow your mailing list and always keep your target audience in the loop.
  • Site Search: Let your visitors find the exact product they came looking for.
  • Gift Card: Allow shoppers to buy gift cards and offer to their loved ones on special occasions.
  • ChatBot and LiveChat or Wix Chat: Provide impeccable, professional customer support to your shoppers through live chat.
  • RatingWidget: Ask your buyers to leave ratings for your products.
  • Testimonials: Get real testimonials for your online store.

Wix has emerged as one of the leading names in the website creation niche. With WixStores you can create your own online store with a simple drag-and-drop Editor, choose from hundreds of templates, add any app (with just a click), showcase products using beautiful and custom galleries, choose and register a domain from within Wix, publish your store, sell products, receive payments, manage shipping and taxes, and stay on top of your online business. It is simple, it is affordable and it is easily manageable.

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