5 Cloud Startups to Watch in 2016

cloud-computingAs cloud computing technology matures, more and more companies seem to be ready to enter the fray for their piece of cloud share. Considering many upsides of this tech trend, this is by no means negative. What’s more, with so many innovators in the cloud industry, both individual users and businesses can expect some amazing new services to become available in the near future.

Here are some new kids on the block to keep an eye on this year:


In a world of blogging expansion and social media, a simple yet functional platform is a good goal to aim for. Well, Dropplets seems to fit this bill, at least according to the media coverage it got after its launch. Dropplets is a neat cloud-based blogging platform launched back in February of this year. It seems the media immediately warmed to this startup due to its simplicity both in terms of  its installation process and its functionality. However, Dropplets lacks some features (an RSS feed, for example) that blogging pros would expect, but there are still plenty of time for Dropplets to improve. At least, it may emerge as the best solution for novice bloggers who have yet to become truly technologically savvy.

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When it comes to the education sector, demand for efficient tech solutions is expanding at an astonishing rate. Therefore, it’s no wonder that the Canadian-based edtech startup Desire2Learn is one of the fastest-growing cloud startups this year. Though the company wasfounded in 2009, its growth is significant for the education industry and will probably accelerate substantially now that they have managed to secure an$80 million venture round.

Message Bus

With the mobile device boom in recent years, the importance of quick information sharing has increased significantly and this has led to an increasing demand for fast sharing services. One of these that has managed to conquer the North American market in a relatively short time is definitely the cloud-based messaging service Message Bus. The company offers a solution for facilitating and improving business correspondence, but the true innovation is its pricing system, that is heavily related to cloud technology innovation.


Xero is a financial service company that has found away to deliver an innovative business solution using the cloud platform. Xero offers  truly functional cloud-based accounting software at affordable prices for small to medium sized businesses and has already collected $82.2 million of funds this year. Now it is already used in more than 100 companies worldwide and that number is likely to increase over the next few years.

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This California-based startup earned its place on this list because of the fact that it offers a highly sought after business communication tool. BlueJeans develops highly efficient videoconferencing solutions that seem to be very popular among enterprises that are not satisfied with Skype, Polycom, Cisco or LifeSize. The cloud-based technology enables BlueJeans to provide interoperable conferencing service that seamlessly integrates with all of these services. This feature is available at reasonable prices – a truly promising innovation for businesses of all sizes.

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