5 Content Marketing Strategies to Go Big and Bold

Today we will talk about Content marketing strategies. As Content marketing is the all new effective tool to get some good online business. Google’s algorithms shifts have caused SEO firms and other marketers to evolve and streamline their techniques. While links still do help propel a website into the top search rankings, SEO resellers and agencies know (or should know!) that a link has to be earned, not built. An earned link starts with excellent content and creative distribution.

5 Content Marketing Strategies to Go Big and Bold

Today’s content marketing—which can include anything from blogging to social media to native advertising—has more demands than it did a few years ago. Clients and firms alike want to find ways to contribute useful, informative, and attention-grabbing content to the web in an effort to boost search rankings. Putting these ideals into practice, however, is easier said than done.

So just what does it take for a small business to go big and bold with content marketing in 2014 and beyond?

1. Grab Your Reader’s Attention—Now!

It’s a fast-paced world out there, and most people find that they don’t have the time to do more than skim an article. Tech culture blog The Verge found that most people want the important stuff first when they click on a link, and the majority of content gets skimmed, at best. If you only have a few seconds of a reader’s attention, show them something they haven’t already seen that day and get your most important and unique message out there right off the bat.

Reader’s Intake – Be to the point with your views while writing content. Use Catchy headings to attract readers.

2. Tell a Good Story

In September, Kevin Spacey was the keyword speaker at Content Marketing World. Yes, that Kevin Spacey. His message for content creators and marketers: “The story is everything, which means it’s our job to tell better stories.” The top things to keep in mind, according so Spacey: “conflict, authenticity, and audience—Begin very simply, and then start building those blocks to tell that story.” A good example: Budweiser’s “Friends are Waiting” ad that promotes responsible drinking by telling a story about a man named Luke and his dog Cooper.


Reader’s Intake – No one have enough time to listen stories those have no good information for reader. So don’t forget the tip.

3. Who Are Your People?

Having a clear audience in mind for your content is key to attracting customers, but it doesn’t end there. Once you’ve built up that audience, it’s crucial to keep strong ties with them as a way of building brand recognition. You can achieve this by responding to blog and social media comments every time. Something as simple as a Retweet on Twitter can get you noticed, as a customer who receives your thanks is likely to pass that on to show others how they’ve engaged with a brand.

Reader’s Intake – You can’t sale the Apple gadgets to Samsung user.  As its not all about smartphone, its about the user’s budget and mindset. So be aware what your audience wants and serve them accordingly. You can  also check Yogita’s another piece on Content marketing tips live on bloggersideas.com.

4. Leave Your Comfort Zone

When it comes to content marketing, the adage “less is more” doesn’t quite hold true. Rather than relying solely on blogging or social media, use videos, white papers, infographics, case studies, ebooks and even games to promote yourself. The wider your reach online (and off the web), the more chance you have to generate new leads. Push yourself to try something new and different.

Reader’s Intake – To live in a comfort zone is like a to live in a black room. So open up the windows and find out what other things are happening around. Learn, analyze and adapt them to keep your work updated.

5. Give it Time. Lots of Time.

When you post content onsite, guest blog, share content on social media, post a video on YouTube, and so on, your content is not going to go viral. It’s just not. Take steps to distribute your content and keep at it. You never know when something will get attention. A reporter recently contacted my employer about a video that was posted our website well over a year ago. She’s writing a story about Yelp reviews and will include a link to the video. Didn’t see that coming!

As content-based advertising shifts to more creative avenues and takes on a P.R. slant, remember that the audience is the number one goal. SEO is fine for tracking metrics, but the ultimate goal is to interact with actual people, not machines!

Reader’s Intake – Patience is the root of success, never under estimate this.

Patience Quotes For Techies

Author Bio – As a reporter and writer for HubShout LLC,  an SEO reseller in Rochester, NY, Kari Crisman analyzes trending digital marketing news as it relates to small business owners.

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