10 Important Laptop Care Tips for a better Laptop Life

Laptop repairs are overwhelming, time-consuming and expensive. And it is not enough that you have an antivirus program to protect it. Buying a new laptop might be an option, but it’s just too impractical. So, in order to maintain your laptop’s optimum functionality, here are some laptop care tips those should be done.

Avoid using liquids or other beverages near your laptop

Spilled liquids or beverages may cause damage to the internal components of a laptop. It can cause electrical damages and can even lead to short circuits. This can become a problem since it can corrupt data and other existing files. It can even bring permanent damage to your laptop parts. To keep this from occurring, keep your drinks away from your work area.

Say no to Coffee at Laptop Table

Say ‘No’ to Drinks at Laptop Table

Routinely have your laptop checked every month

A monthly check-up can keep your computer running faster and smoother.

Determine your free space on hard disk

The available space in your computer becomes smaller every time a video, program, file, photo, and music is downloaded. You should determine how much free space you still have on the hard disk on a regular basis. This is because Windows uses some of that space to be able to run. If there is little space left, chances are that Windows will run slow. Remember that about 15% of space should be left unoccupied. If ever it drops below this percentage, you need to remove some of the files to free up some of that space.

Remove temporary files

When a great number of temporary files are saved in your computer, the hard drive slows down. So, it is time to remove them when the free space is less than five gigabytes. Go to the “Disk Cleanup”, which is a built-in tool used to de clutter hundreds of temporary files.

It also declutter Program files, Temporary Internet Files, Recycle Bin, Set-up Log files and more. Another method to de clutter your hard drive is through the C Cleaner program. It easily cleans your hard drive by removing temporary files, too.

Remove viruses

Malware, Spyware and viruses take up system resources which slows down your laptop. They send spam, or record all your activities. Get rid of them as soon as possible and you will see the big difference-computer running considerably faster once again. It is also important to install security softwares that prevent viruses from infecting. An Anti-Malware program is also essential to scan manually and to remove spam.

ordinateur portable virus

Uninstall unused programs

Uninstalling unused programs in your laptop are one of the best methods to do to improve the performance of your laptop. They are unimportant, and may also cause permanent damage to the performance of your system. They also take too much space that could be used for more important ones.

Backup all data files

Getting a backup for all your data prevents losing all of them through computer loss, accidental deletion, theft, and natural disaster. Before this happens, a good backup strategy should be given importance and that it should not be located on the same device. It has to be put somewhere else.

A flash drive is one such example. Although it can only store a small amount of data, it is conveniently small and easy to carry around. Making a a backup will be easier and simpler than having to worry about recovering your important files on a broken hardrive in the future.

 Use a strong password

The use of strong passwords can slow down or hinder the attack methods that puts the laptop security at risk. Strong passwords are usually long, but it will do a great deal in protecting your PC or laptop from security breaches. Do not use your birth date, pet’s name, and predictable password formulas that a hacker can easily crack.

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The internet is an unsafe place, full of cyber criminals, so you have to make sure you are keeping your personal information safe with passwords that work.

 Use the laptop properly

To keep your laptop in tip top shape, you also have to handle it with care. The most basic method is to power it on and off properly. When shutting it down, it is important that you should do so properly. Otherwise, this gesture can cause file system error.

This is because while the laptop is turned on, there are numerous files that are still in use. Always put in mind that there are many programs that are processing and running while your laptop is at work. When you suddenly turn off your laptop incorrectly, these files may result to being corrupted, damaged or unusable, as they still remain unclosed.

If you’re using the laptop multiple times a day, leave it on. But if you rarely use it during the day, it is best to turn it off as soon as you’re done with your business. Leaving the laptop on for longer periods of time may also lead to wear and tear of its components. If that happens, your laptop is more likely to go for repairs.

Update your computer security software regularly

Although, most softwares are protected and secure, still hackers and other cyber criminals find cracks within your built wall, where they could enter. Regular software updates must be done to secure your laptop. Your operating system, internet browser, antivirus program, Flashplayer, Adobe Reader, Java and Microsoft Office are some of the most important ones. Make sure the latest updates and patches for these commonly hacked programs and applications are available.

You need to educate yourself about your laptop or computer. Being knowledgeable about the whole system, can help you fix your laptop and other devices by yourself. You no longer have to send your laptop to technicians, that may sometimes be unreliable. So, the only way to avoid laptop fixes is to learn about them and getting updated with the latest upgrades and software to equip your device.

Author Bio: Andy Bell is an everyday learner and editor, working at internet learning centre. He is passionate about helping online learning businesses to achieve their goals.

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