5 Strategic Tactics For Driving Massive Traffic Onto Your Website

Ask the internet marketing gurus around, and they’ll tell you how important traffic is to their website. In fact, they’ll swear by traffic, they’d rather be caught dead than lose it. More traffic equals cash, and that’s how the online marketing community knows it. They spend tons of hours, trying to perfect the art of bringing in more visitors and turning them into clients, and hopefully making them what we call ”repeat customers’‘.

That’s the difference between a blog that earns several dollars with many zeros on the side, and that which makes absolutely nothing, if not a few coins.

But what’s the secret to driving this valuable commodity (traffic) into your website? It appears that a website is completely useless if no one knows about it. What are the famous blogs doing that others are not doing? That’s a question that every aspiring internet marketer will keep asking.

It’s rather a complicated mix. The richest ingredients involve technical SEO tactics, but most importantly valuable content. Here are the top 5 hard-hitting strategies to drive more traffic to your site:

1. Focus on writing compelling posts:

Search engines, for some reasons, love quality content. They analyze the links which come into your website and use them as a way of to promote the credibility of your website. And of course, these links have to come from websites that have held their reputation for so long. Search engines also use the ”Anchor texts” to know what your webpages are all about. They analyze the specific words in which people use to link to your website.

You may be wondering how this is related to writing quality content. Well, it’s only practical when people link to your website because they are getting some value from it. Writing compelling content is not rocket science either, you only need an eye-catching title that will make people want to read what you have written. Keep it simple while you hook the readers.

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2. Use social media:

Never underestimate the power of social media. You are getting your name out there and helping people to know about what your website is all about. Twitter, facebook, RSS feeds and blogging are all part of social media. Utilizing these avenues helps you to advertise yourself when people share links to your website across a larger audience.

And make it easier for people to be able to share your content once they visit your site. You can do this by adding buttons or links on your website that take them back to facebook, twitter and other social media sites. This way, they are getting your message across even without you knowing.

3. Implementing an effective SEO strategy:

The process of optimizing your site to become search engine-friendly doesn’t have to be complicated and time consuming. Once you know what you are required to do, stick to it and get the job done the easy way.

Here are a few tips for implementation of good SEO strategies

(a) Website structure: You should pay attention to the SEO-related components of your site. Your titles, tags, images and content are very important when it comes to optimizing your website to become visible to search engines.

(b) Know the trending keywords: It’s imperative that you know what kinds of keywords are being searched all the time, as well as the competition in that area. In this case, competition means many people are searching using words that correspond to specific keywords. This will help you to know which keywords to optimize your content for.

4. Understand the power of building relationship with influential people in the industry:

Targeting the people who matter in the industry is one way of driving traffic to your website. You could form mutually beneficial relationship with these people by sharing what they’ve written, or through advertising for them on your website. The goal is to create a relationship that leaves both of you happy. One way of achieving that is through guest posting, where you approach them to write on their blog as a guest in exchange for links.

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5. Highly readable content:

No one cares to struggle reading content that isn’t well written. Furthermore, content that appears to look like journals, or academic papers are often shunned because they are difficult to read. When fewer people read your post, you won’t attract a good number of links, and that will work to your disadvantage. Keep in mind that your aim is to write content that can be read even by a fifth-grader, so keep it simple and straight to the point.

For some reasons, we all believe that the process of optimizing a site is time consuming and very difficult. It doesn’t have to be, especially now that you have read the 5 points above. Get that site into the radar of major search engines and see how you’ll begin reaping big.


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