Convert Your First Time Visitors in to Loyal Readers

loyal readersWhen you have readers who comment on your blog it’s important to keep a relationship with them. After all, they are the best marketing tools that you have! Commentators have the ability to grow your blog considerably, even if you just have a few to begin with. They can help you grow immensely and get more visitors to the place than you ever thought possible. So, how do you reward them for this help?

1. Special Guest Posting Take your top commenters and ask if they want to write a guest blog for you. This is something that will actually be beneficial for both of you, as it invites both of your audiences to cross with each other. You can link inside of the posts and then both of you will be able to enjoy the networking! 2. Linking If you’re writing a blog entry that you think connects with a post that a top commenter wrote on their own blog, then link it! They will definitely appreciate this and you will benefit by attracting their readers to your blog as well.

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3. Display Top Comments

If you have regular people who comment on your blog, then you should give them some deserved recognition! There’s a widget you can use on WordPress that actually displays each of the different top commentators on your blog sidebar. This makes it easy for your visitors to visit their blogs and it can result in more people commenting so they can reach that top spot!

4. Use Comments for Future Posts When someone comments on one of your blog posts or asks a question, you should build on that. This means creating a new post that answers the question that they initially asked. You can quote that question, highlight it and even link it back to their blog so your readers can see their page. The benefit of this is that readers will be more likely to leave meaningful comments that they think may get a special response for. 5. Give Thanks The people who leave the most comments on your blog or that are most active should be recognized by you personally. Take a few minutes out of your day to send them an e-mail thanking them for their activity on your blog. They will feel special and they will be likely to continue being active on your blog as well. In addition to thanking them, you should also ask if they could use any help from you. You might be able to give them tips, link their blog on yours or do a variety of other things to give them a boost like they gave you!

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6. Contests

Everyone loves a freebie, and this is especially true for blog readers! Have contests where the top comment or answer to a question gets a freebie. This could be a prize like a book, a set of candles or anything else that makes sense for the type of blog that you have. This can get readers more engaged with your blog, but it can also keep them coming back for more. You may be able to get a lot more blog followers by regularly keeping up with these contests.

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