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Hey Readers, After a long time I am here with another interview  of blogger cum SEO Professional Jitendra Vaswani. Jitendra is a well known social media person with great blogging skills. I hope you guys will find this interview informative.

Hey buddy, I know you already but still I would like to request you to please share about you and your blogs here at DreamTechie for the readers.

Hi Yogita, Thanks a lot for inviting me to your blog. Pleasure to be here; I am Jitendra Vaswani owner of online marketing blog I am in blogging since 2013. I have started my new venture recently DigiExe- Your perfect digital partner.


Through BloggersIdeas I am promoting DigiExe and and trying to get some more clients. You can also checkout my portfolio: to know more about me & my work.

Bloggers Ideas

So you are handling your blog all alone or you have few blogging buddies? Please share the name of people you work with for your blog.

Currently I have a team of buddies who help me in maintaining my blog. I have designer, writer & security expert too for my blog. But all SEO & promotion activities are carried out by me. Handling a big blog is not easy; WordPress is made of extensive PHP coding and I am not that good in coding, for solving coding related issues my buddies are there with me.

After seeing your blog, I can say you are passionate blogger. So is it? By the way from where you got this passion for blogging?

Yes I am a passionate blogger from heart. I love blogging more than anything else. I used to do blogging in late nights when I was working with private companies. I can never say “NO” blogging. Blogging helped me to learn many things those skills can’t be learned when you do 9to5 job.

In 9 to 5 job one has to work on particular assigned tasks however in blogging you can explore like hell without limitations. It’s difficult to manage blog while you work but Trust me if you have passion for it you will find time for blogging too. Once you are able to earn your bread and butter with blogging you can quit your job. Take your blog to next level and do something different from your competitors.

We want to know your views about blogging and this online web world? What you think is it good for money making?

Blogging world is itself a great world, you can make money online only after putting efforts into. This is not like regular job. You need to work around 18hrs daily in beginning to make your blog super powerful & different from others. Offer something different and soon you will grab lot of readers for sure.

If you really want to be professional blogger then in beginning you have to spend your day & night, work like hell. Not to forget competition is very tough even in blogging. Bloggers depending on AdSense are losing their game, so don’t depend on AdSense for your income. Use other resources too.

Check some AdSense alternatives. :

Can you please share your major source to earn money from blogging? What else you do for money making apart from blogging?

Recently I quitted my job so that I can do full time blogging. Now I am working as a freelancer & want to focus on my new venture I am working on it hardly to make it a brand. I am using BloggersIdeas for its promotion. I got 2-3 new projects through DigiExe too. Regarding my blog I make income through paid reviews, ads space selling & affiliate products marketing. I have also used ads.

I also provide consulting services to Start-ups now. This helps me to increase knowledge on various business models. So I would suggest newbie’s to work smartly on their skills & explore more in blogging. Don’t depend on one resource for income. Keep hunting new resources.

So how you promote your blog? Any methods you would like to share?

There are many ways where you can promote our blog. Here is a list of sites here I promote my blog.

 What are your tactics for brand building and SEO? Please share in detail.

I have built very good relationship with fellow internet marketers. I was successful in making good relationship with top niche experts because I helped them when they needed me. Through blog I have very good friendship with top marketing experts.

  • Have good connection with your readers.
  • Never deceive your readers.
  • Help them with your answers & they will create buzz for you in social media.
  • Offer something great to them, so they can write positive about you.
  • Give interviews, testimonials & go to the blogger events, this will help you to make your brand more visible among real audience.

Is there any new project in your mind? What is your future plans regarding work life?

Currently I am working on & I have some other plans for eCommerce start-up. I am trying to find some investors for it. Once I get investor for it, then I will be able to share the details with my readers. Talks are going with investors. Hope some good news will come up soon.

Do you have any specific blogs you love to read and like to recommend newbie to become a successful blogger?

To be a successful blogger, newbie should read top marketing blogs like QuickSprout,,,, KissMetrics, & many other blogs.

Be updated with latest Google algorithm updates. Learn from top niche bloggers around you and never betray any blogger. Build good relationship with all bloggers. This will help you to get fame in blogging and you will enjoy your fame in best way. Be clear in your business. Everyday make a habit to learn one new thing, take a whiteboard and write your goals on it. This will help you to remember what you have to do each day.

What kind of services is provided by your new venture Will you provide something different from your competitors?

DigiExe will be providing services to get satisfied customers. I am working hard on it & these are services provided by DigiExe.

DigiExe Services:

  • SEO Services
  • Social Media Services
  • App Marketing & Downloading
  • Web Development
  • Web Design Services
  • Video Marketing
  • Content Writing Services
  • Email Marketing Services
  • Logo Design Services

Digiexe Team:

How can one get in touch with you? Please share your social profiles and contact details so that we can get in touch with you.

Bloggers can reach me out though my social media profiles below: My portfolio:

Thanks readers for taking time to read, Do share your reviews and questions for Jitendra, He will be happy to assist you.


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