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Hey Readers, today we have another well established blogger with us , So be ready to learn blogging from his experience. Also I would like to say a big Thanks to Ravi for such a detailed and informative interview. 


Please give us a formal introduction of yourself and your blog?

Tanya, first of all thanks for having me on your blog, and it’s my pleasure to be here.

Hey you, I’m Ravi Kumar from “Jhumri Telaiya” which is a small city in Jharkhand. I am a computer engineer by education. I started my blogging journey as a part time blogger in year 2010 when I created more than 5 blogs on Blogger Platform. However, all of them failed because I was not that serious. After that failure, I came across the blogs of some famous bloggers like Mustafa of MBT, Harsh of ShoutMeLoud, Amit of Labnol, Darren Rowse of etc. They were making handsome income through their blog which inspired me a lot. I took the decision to start a blog but it was not that easy. At that time, there were no issue of time for me so I started collecting information related to blogging, SEO, SMO, Web Designing etc. It took more than 1 year to learn everything properly through internet. Finally, I launched in september 2011 which is quite popular now. I am making a decent income from this blog as well.

At, I write about Blogging, SEO, WordPress,Blogger,Web Designing,Technology, Business marketing, Search engine marketing, Make Money online, Affiliate marketing and many other topic which can be helpful for any blogger, Webmaster and an Intrepreneur.

Who are your blogging role models?  And how many hours do you spend on blogging?

Lots of names are there in my list but I would like to mention 5 names which inspired me a lot. They are:

  1. Amit Aggarwal of
  2. Darren Rowse of
  3. Harsh Agarwal of
  4. Mustafa of MBT
  5. Syed Balkhi of

One of the best advantages of being a blogger is, there is no fixed time for working. You can change the timings of your work according to your requirements. On an Average, I work at least 8 hours every day.  However, when I work on projects of my clients, I try my level best to complete it as soon as possible. In such scenario, I work 10-12 hours as well.

What would you do apart from blogging? Tell us your daily routine.

A part from blogging, I do web designing and web development. I am a computer science engineer having good knowledge in .Net technologies. I don’t want to waste my skills so sometimes work as a freelancer.

Whenever I get free time, I watch Hollywood movies and play Games on my computer.

What process do you use to edit your work and to ensure if it is free from grammatical errors or not? Any tips for use

Frankly speaking, I am not an expert in writing so I still commit some grammatical mistakes while writing articles. However I try my level best to make my articles grammar free. Normally, I write my articles in MS-Word. It automatically detects your grammatical errors which can be easily corrected.

Is it a good idea to choose blogging a full time occupation these days? Please explain.

It depends upon the interest of a particular person. If you are passionate about blogging and have something new to share with this world, you can choose it as an alternative of your Full Time Job. It is great for enhancing your knowledge because it requires you to read a lot. In regular full time Job, You work under your “Boss” but there is no such issue with blogging. In blogging, You work as a worker and a boss as well.

However, Blogging is not for everyone. Blogging needs a lot of patience and effort. If you are starting a blog just for making few bucks online, you will definitely fail. Before entering in Blogging, Ask few questions to yourself like- Do you have enough time to write on regular basis?, Would you be able to write unique contents regularly, Do you have something new to share with this world etc. If you don’t have the answer of these questions, Please don’t enter in Blogging.

What is the value of SEO and SMO in your blogging journey and which tactic is your favourite one? How social media impact blogging?

Both SEO and SMO are integral part of blogging. When I started, I was unaware about SMO. At that time, I was learning SEO so applied it on my blog which worked like a charm. With the passage of time, I came to know about SMO and started using this tactic as well. These days, Search engine are giving more importance to Social Shares which makes it more important. If Content and SEO are King and Queen respectively, SMO is definitely “the throne”.  If you want to get first page appearance in Google SERPs, be active on Social Networking sites like Facebook, Google+, Twitter etc.

Social Media impact Search Engine Results to a large extent. Let me explain this. Before showing results in SERPs, Google checks the reputation of sites by checking the number of Quality Backlink. They give more importance to Social Shares or Likes than any ordinary link because they reflect the trust and usefulness of contents. It means a blog post which has more number of Likes or Shares will get better ranking in SERPs.

Would you be available for an unknown newbie blogger for any help?

Yes, off course Tanya. I have already helped lots of Indian and Pakistani bloggers. Majority of them are making good money from their blogs. Through my blog posts, I have answered many questions of new bloggers. You won’t believe but I get more than 30 Emails of new bloggers daily who ask me useless questions about blogging. It’s quite irritating but still I handle them daily.

If a blogger is really passionate about blogging, I will love to help him/her for free.

What is your first earning from your blogging? And what is the status of now? Share your top incomes sources.

My first earning from my blog was only $150 from chitika around 1 year ago. At that time, I was not using Adsense and was unaware about several money making methods like affiliate marketing,CPA marketing, Sponsored Review writing, Sponsored article writing etc. Now I earn a decent amount of money from my blog. I don’t want to reveal my income but for your hint, it’s more than $1000/month.

Tanya, I beleive on “Never put all eggs in one basket”. That is probably the reason why, I use various monetization methods on my blog which starts from Google Adsense, Yahoo Bing Ads, Affiliate marketing, Viglinks, Sponsored reviews, Blog consultancy,Blog setup,Ghost writing etc.

What is the average traffic of your blog these days?

These days, I am getting around 3500 visits daily (according to Google Analytics report). See the below given screenshot:


Click to Enlarge Image

According to you – What is the right age of a blog to start earning from that?

It depends upon many points like- Your knowledge about money making techniques, Your relationship with other bloggers, Your SEO knowledge, Quality of your contents etc. If you already have lots of blogger friends and you know money making tactics, you will start making decent money just after 2 or 3 months.

For a new blogger, it takes around 6 to 12 months before they start earning money from their blog.

What are the tools & sites that you would love to advise bloggers and why?

List of recommended Plugins or tools for Self Hosted WordPress blogs are given below:

WordPress SEO by Yoast – According to me, It is the best free SEO plugin for wordPress. It allows you to Optimize your blog contents for Search Engines.

W3 Total Cache – It is one of the best caching plugin for WordPress. It is very helpful in making your blog faster.

Pushpress– It is helpful in faster indexing your blog contents.

CommentLuv Pro– CommentLuv Pro comes with lots of features. Apart from encouraging your readers to comment, it save you from spams as well.

All in One WP security – This is one of the best free WordPress Security Plugin which saves you from hackers.

OptinMonster– I am using it from last few months. Last month, I was able to get more than 6000 Email subscribers.

If you are a new blogger, I will suggest you to visit all Blogging community sites and below given blogs:

  • – This is a blog of Spencer Haws. He is known for his famous keyword research tool “Long Tail Pro”.
  • – I am a regular visitor of this blog. This blog provides tips and tricks related to blogging.
  • – It is one of the best site for bloggers which provides Blogging tips, Writing Tips, Money making tips, SEO tips.
  • If you are using WordPress platform, it’s a must visit blog for you. It provides tips and tutorials on WordPress related subject.
  • Google– Last but not the least. Google is the best place to search for any kind of information.

Would you like to give some suggestions to the newbie bloggers like me?

One of the major requirements for being a successful blogger is passion and Writing Skills. Knowledge of SEO, Blog Writing, Social-Media marketing will be an added advantage for you but it’s not requisite. Never start your blog just because other people are making money from it. If you don’t have passion and knowledge, You will definitely fail. I will recommend you to read Success stories of bloggers because there are so many things to learn from people who made it to the top. Try to interact with other bloggers. If they are in your city, arrange a meeting with them. If they are far away from you, contact them on social networking sites. It will really help.

Most of the new bloggers never share the blog post of other bloggers. This is not a good practice. If any content is really helpful, Share it on your social networks. It will encourage others to share your contents as well. Always focus on the creation of unique and Quality content. Never copy the style or content of others. “Be yourself because everyone else is already taken“. Always follow the quote “Never change your originality for the sake of others. Because no one can play your role better than you. So be yourself. You are the best

How can I get in touch with you? Please share your social profiles and contact details so that we can get in touch with you.

My contact details are as follows:

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