The Different Types of Computer Mouses (Mice)

Over the years, we have witnessed a revolution in computer technologies. A large variety of mice is available in the market today. However, selecting one particular mouse depends upon one’s personal choice, and of course on the technology available.

Take a look at different types of computer mouses. And we have those rolling ball ones too!

Types of Computer Mouses

Mechanical Mouse

Remember the days when the little ball below the computer mouse was used more for playing than actually using it as a mouse? Today’s kids will never understand fun it used to be! Unlike modern optical mouses, these oldies relied upon a little ball to trace the movement of the mouse, and guide the curhow sor on the screen accordingly. They just need a flat surface, and you are good to go.

Mechanical Mouse Technology

One of the disadvantages of these mice is that they quite a bit of dust, and require more maintenance and cleaning. Now you know why they aren’t used today.

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Optical-Mechanical Mouse

It is one of the types of computer mice that couldn’t get much popularity, unlike mechanical and optical ones. The mix breed was identical to the mechanical mouse.

The only difference was in the type of sensor used for movement tracking. Optical-mechanical mouse use a combination of optical and mechanical technologies and the movement of the ball is detected optically.

Due to this, the optical-mechanical mice were considered efficient in their working.

Laser Mouse

First things first, laser mice are the most accurate ones among all, and arguably the best ones too. A laser mouse has two important components– a light emitter and a light detector.

A light emitter is considered very accurate and it precisely measures the movement of the mouse to make the cursor move on the screen. It uses infrared diode to illuminate the surface beneath it and can provide details of 1000-5700 dots per inch (DPI).

Laser Mouse Technology - different types of computer mice

Optical Mouse

There is a great possibility that you currently scrolling through this article using an optical mouse. They are so widely used! The reasons for their popularity are their easy availability, compatibility with almost every type of computer, easy to setup, and above all, really low starting price.

Coming to the technical front, the optical mice are more or less similar to the laser mice discussed in the previous point, but use LED instead of an infrared diode.

The only drawback is their low DPI as compared to the laser mice, which limit their usage on shiny surfaces.

Different Types of Computer Mouses - different types of computer mice

BlueTrack Mouse

BlueTrack mouse is a modern generation mouse by Microsoft. As the name suggests, this type of mouse uses BlueTrack technology that helps mouse to work efficiently on any surface, be it granite or a carpet. The blue beam as shown in BlueTrack mouse is a combination of pixel geometry and image sensor and it is four times more accurate than the laser used in a laser mouse.

With an exceptional tracking accuracy, it generates high contrast pictures of the surface to precisely measure the mouse movement on any surface.

BlueTrack mouse

Wireless Mouse

I really wonder how people really lived without these! There are no cables tangling over that sometimes even limit the free movement of the mouse. Being very convenient, the wireless mouse are the first choice of gamers and laptop users. These types of computer mice include all the drivers, and you can just plug-in the USB receiver, and start using the mouse right away, no setup needed. These mice run on batteries, and use the same technology that is used in optical mice for tracking.

WireLess Mouse Example - different types of computer mice

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