LG G Watch R (W110) Review

LG is one of the oldest and biggest tech conglomerates in the world. The company has been tapping into global markets with its line of innovative products. The LG G Watch R (W110) Review clearly points out the possible success story that the company has on its hands. Clearly, smart watches are not new entrants into the global tech market and manufacturers have always thought of this as a challenge, namely infusing technical features into the oldest and most classic regular use item, the time piece.

Android Wear was one of the first devices to bring out round smart watches and the Moto 360 followed suit. The G Watch R is a perfect follow up from the house of LG and does promise to set markets ablaze globally!

LG G Watch R (W110)  Watch Reviews

This is a round smart watch that stands out for the sheer quality of its display unit. The visual effect provided by Motorola has been surpassed by LG with the G Watch R. The inside of the watch gets the best features and other tech specifications.

Some of these prominent features include the following:

•    Stainless steel durable casing
•    Impeccable water resistance till a time period of 30 minutes
•    Vibration
•   A Li-Ion battery of 410mAh which can provide a seamless 48 hours of uninterrupted usage approximately
•    A 1.3 inch P-OLED Full Circle display of 320 by 320 pixels and pixel density of 246 ppi
•    A quad core, Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 Cortex- A7 1.2 GHz processor
•    Android Wear with integration support for Google Now
•    4 GB of internal storage
•    512 MB RAM
•    Bluetooth 4.0 LE
•    Barometer, gyro, compass, heart rate and accelerometer sensors

Review – There are a few problems as found in the LG G Watch R W110. This includes the rather low quality leather band of the watch and the lowered functionality levels of Android Wear. The screen often turns on accidentally and this can be a deterrent for users along with the lack of multiple choices of colors for the casing. However, if you take these flaws apart, this device actually has what it takes to be a tangible option for new age customers. The G Watch R looks smart though due to the stainless steel casing and the near perfect display. In addition, the watch possesses IP-67 certification which helps combat both dust and water with equal elan.

Look & Feel –  The G Watch R resembles mid range smartphones if you take the interiors into account. An ear piece is absent but there is a microphone which can be used for enquiring about directions, music and other things from Google Now. The initial G Watch did not really become a big hit in the market owing to its somewhat understated looks and lost out to the lovely round Moto 360 smart watch instead.

The G Watch R is now a round watch and comes with multiple improvements as compared to its predecessor. The watch feels solid enough to use owing to the stainless steel casing. The G Watch R is quite thick and a few numbers are nicely etched right into the rim. This looks really attractive of course if you are into analog watches but in case of digital clocks, it loses out by a long mile. The smart watch is heavy as well at 62 grams in comparison to the 43 gram heavy Moto 360, its nearest competitor. The G Watch R does feel quite bulk in some cases and this may be a teeny weeny hindrance for those who like sleek and functional watches.

Battery Backup  – The G Watch R makes use of aesthetically appealing shades for better usability and viewing pleasure. This is a strong point of the smart watch in addition to the power efficient OLED display as well. The battery is another plus for customers who are always on the move.

The battery will go for about forty hours without a charge and that too, when you have the ambient mode turned on (constantly turned on screen). The G Watch R has ample horsepower for all your basic requirements and the processor dishes out performance of the highest order. The strap as mentioned earlier is extremely stiff and does not feel good to use at all. Despite its horsepower, the G Watch R does not quite run as smoothly as one expects it to.

Comparison – The smart watch does freeze sometimes without any reason. Self corrective measures apart, this can be a real headache at times. The screen is not as sensitive as it may sound. You may have to keep swiping and pressing quite hard to actually get potent responses. Alongside, the G Watch R has been priced a little more than its Moto 360 competitor.

This may well be a determining factor in global markets. As a result, LG seems to have overlooked mass appreciation in favor of the tech elite, who like to acquire feature packed products without looking at their labels. Going by all the negatives listed by reviews, one cannot still ignore the fact that the G Watch R definitely stands out as a fantastic proposition in spite of the same.

Conclusion – The LG G Watch R (W110) assures decent performance, quality and aesthetic appeal to woo contemporary customers. It is another story that LG has missed out on a few key aspects that would have sealed its position as the dominant brand in this segment otherwise. The G Watch R should be a good bet for your wrist and day to day needs and makes for one of the most innovative smart watches in the market currently.

It has smoothened out the flaws possessed by the earlier G Watch to perfection and aims at offering customers a supremely delightful experience. If you are willing to overlook minor hassles and a price tag on the higher side, the smart watch will always be a great choice. It has already set the cat amongst the pigeons in the global smart watch market.

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