Le Max 2 – Reasons to Love and Hate

It was not long ago from now; finding a mobile device possessing more than 2 GB of RAM was almost deemed to be impossible and those you demanded a configuration of more than 2 GB of RAM was literally laughed at. A year from then, the scenario is completely different. Now the market has various models of phones with 3,4 and even 6 GB of RAM.

Joining the fray is the Chinese LeEco’s LeMax 2, the successor to the Le Max. The launch has coincided with the arrival of OnePlus 3, which is also from a renowned Chinese company and also loaded with enormous amount of memory.

Le Max 2

The phone has a massive 5.7-inch screen, which plonks it firmly in the phablet category. With dimensions of 6.17 x 3.06 x 0.31 inches and weighing 185 grams, the phone makes no pretense of being ‘thin’ or ‘lightweight’.

Reasons to love

  • Performance- LeMax 2 is buttery smooth in operating using the 4 GB RAM and Snapdragon 820 processor even when the phone has numerous applications running in the background.
  • Camera-The scintillating 21 MP camera app is extremely configurable and handles great contrast, colors white balance quite satisfactorily. The camera also does quite well in low light conditions. This phone comes with a camera where the HDR option works really well.
  • Battery- The 3100 mAh battery manages to last a day with around 5 calls of 5 minutes each, 20 minutes of video playback, 10 minute of video shooting and with at least five apps, including email and Twitter, constantly connected to the web. Using this smartphone battery saver option made it last for over one and a half days, but with a great phone like this, it almost cripples the functionality – with most functions like email, messaging not syncing till we open them.
  • Design- The mobile device has unibody design with sealed batteries and comes in colors Rose gold, gold, silver, gray. Phone looks good and design is very similar to the Le 2 which comes in budget phones category.

Reasons to hate

  • Software – The phone runs using LeEco’s eUI, and does not have an app drawer If you are a person who uses a lot of apps, you may face inconvenience in searching the apps out of the many apps downloaded in this phone.
  • Heavy and Not Handy- Though the phone offers a big screen to people it also comes with some extra weight which is not desirable for today’s generation. It is not very handy to be carried as a mobile device. Especially, girls usually do not love to carry a heavy device.
  • Fingerprint scanner- While using the phone almost for more than a month, we also observed the lag in the fingerprint scanner which is not desirable. While the fingerprint scanner is being used, it has been noticed that there is a delay in the fingerprint sensor.
  • Lacks Glass Protection for show- Corning pongid glass or similar glass protection for the display of the phone is one necessary feature that is missing from the le max 2. Lack of glass protection makes the phone vulnerable to show damages and scratches.
  • Poor visibility of display under sunlight– The display of the device does not exactly excel under sunlight. While taking pictures, we had to struggle to find out whether we were really focusing on the object.
  • No Expandable Storage – If you are the one who keep lots of videos and heavy games in your phone then you might face storage issues in your phone after a time because the phone has no expandable storage option.


Considering that this is the flagship, LeEco has got everything well with this phone, except for a few gripes like the delay in the fingerprint sensor. You can read detailed review here.


  • ₹22,999 for 4GB RAM + 32GB storage variant
  • ₹29,999 for 6GB RAM + 64GB storage variant

Love: Great build powerful camera, lag-free operation, and good battery

Hate: Lag in fingerprint scanner, lack of glass protection, little heavy, phone is not handy especially for girls, Poor visibility of display under sunlight.

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