Google Assistant vs. Microsoft Cortana vs. Apple Siri?

 Google Assistant vs. Microsoft Cortana vs. Apple Siri? Which is the Best AI Based Personal/ Virtual Assistant?

Google Assistant vs. Microsoft Cortana vs. Apple Siri? Which is the Best AI Based Personal/ Virtual Assistant?

We have gone through different aspects & different features on these most trendy virtual assistants to find out which one is the best personal assistant and here is what we have found:

Apple Siri:

You can use Apple Siri in your iPhone devices it provides good command over voice. You can command most actions using your voice easily. Now it is also available on Apple’s Mac Os.

Siri is good to answer the basic questions and use the internet to answer it. It does not collect much information from the user like Google because it takes user’s privacy as a first priority. But it still takes some private info from the user like messages, calendar entries and much more.

If you ask Siri about the weather, nearby places, movie show times and travel distance between places it can do these basic actions fairly. But here you don’t have the option to type your queries, As you get in Microsoft Cortana & Google Assistant.

The negative aspect with Siri is that there is not much integration with third party apps. But Siri there is some third party apps features already integrated with Siri, like Uber cabs booking.

Microsoft Cortana:

Microsoft Cortana is preloaded with all windows 10 devices including windows phones, windows desktops & laptops. Cortana is very handy for desktop users while running in the background. This is more convenient for you to take this virtual assistant always with you. You can download the Cortana App to your Android and iOS devices. Microsoft knows that its desktop version of windows is great but it’s not succeeded well. This is the reason Microsoft brought its software to other platforms including Mac, Linux, Android, and iOS.

Cortana is able to handle basic tasks and queries like weather forecasts, nearby places & restaurants, driving directions. Cortana is currently not integrated with other third party apps as Siri and Google Assistant but expected to be available soon.

Cortana uses most of Microsoft products to complete its tasks i.e. for search over the internet it uses Bing & for weather info, it uses windows weather etc.

Google Assistant:

Google is already a big player in web search, mobile Os, and other internet based technologies. As we know Apple is the top player in Smartphone market with its own Os and best camera in its devices. But as we can see Google defeated Apple with its first try to make a great camera Smartphone with its recent pixel devices. Google also introduced the all new Google assistant in its pixel devices. We already have seen some of the voice command features in its Google Now launcher but with Google Assistant you can do more things.

Google Assistant is already a very successful AI virtual assistant, and there is already much integration available with the third party apps & services.

Google uses its own search engine and integrated it with the assistant which makes it very cool. It can perform various tasks like Local Search, Google Search, Directions & Locations using Google Maps, Weather info, play music & movies, set a reminder, set an alarm etc.

You can get most out of Google assistant in pixel devices. Google’s pixel devices will get the updates first of all. But you can also get the Google assistant in all devices running on Android Nougat 7.0 and more upgraded devices.

Conclusion: After comparing different aspects of these three major AI virtual assistants, we have found that Google Assistant is the best out of them with its great integrations and bringing the best out of its other products to its assistant.

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