How to Remove or Delete a Retweet from Twitter

If you are the one who is an active Twitter and love to share the interesting tweets by others then this piece of writing is just for you. Retweeting other tweets is a great way to share something that deserves to be shared among your friends and followers. Also retweeting helps a lot in building great Twitter relationships.

Undo Retweet - How to Remove or Delete a Retweet from Twitter

But what happen if you unknowingly retweet something fishy:?

Here is a method to delete that retweet in just one click. Most of you might be already aware with this method but sometimes it’s good to have revision.

Locate the tweet you want to retweet – Reach to your main profile page where you can easily track all your tweets in a series.

Remove or Delete a Retweet from Twitter

Now find out that Retweet, That will have a green retweet arrow icon in the top right of the Tweet, and when you scroll down that Tweet, you’ll see a green text link that shows “Retweeted.”

Now click onRetweeted” – the green text; to delete that tweet from your twitter profile.

Delete a Retweet from Twitter

Here you go 🙂  That tweet is no longer available on your profile 🙂

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