5 Reasons Why iOS 7 is Especially Beneficial for Businesses and Enterprises

According to Apple, iOS 7 happens to be the most significant update to iPhone. For laymen, this statement might not hold much importance, but for businesses and enterprises, iOS 7 has, indeed, turned out to be the most significant update to iPhone. The all new features of the latest iOS offer more secured and innovative ways of delivering great services to consumers and great working experience to employees. Let’s see how iOS 7 is so beneficial to businesses.

iOS 7 Beneficial for Businesses

#1 Data Protection of Third-party Apps

Before iOS 7, CEOs were worried about stored data in their third-party app as anyone who uses the phone can gain access to the data. But, the latest iOS handles this problem with third-party app data protection. Data protection is now enabled automatically in all third-party applications. Further, information stored in third-party apps is protected with users’ passcode. This information is only available to the users after they unlock their app after each reboot.

#2 Enhanced Security

Besides securing third-party app data, iOS 7 also offers ways to secure important files and documents. A feature called ‘open in management’ enables business persons to control files and documents that can work with shared and managed apps. This can be done by configuring applications available in the sharing panel. Hence, one can specify documents that can work in shared apps while preventing personal documents to be accessed via managed apps.

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#3 Branding

With better connectivity and more applications, businesses are using iOS 7 for branding and promotion. The better display along with the robust OS gives a perfect platform to enterprises to showcase their business. Apple’s iPhone holds a major market share of the smartphone market. Further, the all new, crisp design of iOS 7 is also a leverage. Hence, enterprises are remodeling their apps to take advantage of the new design. Enterprises can also embed videos in their apps to make branding more distinctive and effective while delivering a delightful experience to their customers.

#4 Better App Management

Apple’s iOS 7 offers new updates to the App Store Volume Purchase Program. Under this program, enterprises now have the ability to assign applications to their employees while still having control over app licenses and ownership. After purchasing app licenses through VPP website, organizations can assign applications over the air by using their MDM solutions.

Organizations can even revoke and reassign applications to other employees at any time they want. Further, the Volume Purchase Program now features support for purchase of Mac applications. Therefore, companies can now make more purchases and provide their employees with all necessary tools needed to get the job done.

#5 Authentication with SSO

Authentication is essential for corporate apps as it ensures that important files and documents aren’t used by wrong people. But, enterprises use so many applications, and authenticating all of them would require time. Thanks to enterprise single sign on, this task now needs to be done only once. Apps configured with SSO carry out user verification for enterprise resources. Once verification is done, employees simply need to log in. There’s no need to re-enter passwords every time.

# Summing Up

The new features of iOS 7 enable enterprises to have complete control over third-party applications and aid in effective management of the same. Apart from business promotion, iOS 7 also helps enterprises to save money. Services like App Store Volume Purchase Program lead to indirect cost benefits as companies don’t need to pay for every single app purchase.

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Small, medium or large, new features of iOS 7 give huge advantages to enterprises in terms of money and time. In fact, Apple’s iOS 7 can be considered to be the ideal platform considering that more and more enterprises are now incorporating BYOD policy.

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