SEO Your Grandma Can Understand

To accomplish the innumerable types of jobs that get done by simply ‘searching’ for easy keywords on the Internet, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the real answer. The theory has been a craze throughout the last decade, but it’s still the new ‘in’ thing for the upcoming generations who want to delve into the market for earning some extra cash.


There are different aspects but it’s quite easy a concept when broken down and explained in simple terms. Let’s find out the basics of SEO and see how it works and what it creates, and then put them into simple words such that even your grandma can understand.

What is it actually about?

In very simple words, SEO is the just the promotion of an official website in order to increase its traffic. This process involves structuring of the website, using keywords on the pages of your website, and the method of linking different sites to the website page.

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Why is it needed for a website?

There are many website creators who are of the opinion that the entire theory of SEO is baseless. They believe that the audience would find out exactly what they need on the Internet by browsing through the millions of websites out there. The broader is the topic for a website, the lesser is the chance to get spotted within the search engine when your prospective visitor types in the topic related to your website.


Even if you have a more productive site with helpful information, you might be defeated by your competitor when it comes to being featured on the first pages of Google, Yahoo or Bing searches. The solution is to hire better freelance writers who are experts in SEO and can affect the range of readership to a great extent. These are market strategies and investments that help save money and time, resulting in bringing more profits for your service or business.

How to implement it?

Here are some of the easy steps that would increase the SEO factor of your site:

  • Find out a list of keywords, that is, the words or phrases that visitors would prefer in order to search for information on the web. It is best advised to incorporate the most important words into the article at the beginning of every sentence or paragraph. However, make sure that they are not overused as that would make your article less informative. Put the keywords on bold or italicize them.

  • Addition of hyperlinks at various points in the article is advised. These are the links to similar sites with contents common to the topic you have discussed in your site.

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  • One of the aspects of SEO theory is to keep a certain space in your articles for the other site creators who would then share your links in their sites, thereby, increasing your general readership.

  • The crunch is to be patient and see the steady increase in the readership. Using SEO theories for your website marketing processes will at help in increasing that traffic for your website.

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