iSkysoft Firefox Video Downloader: The Best Downloader Tool with Firefox

We all know that watching YouTube video can be quite troublesome if you have to go to that page over and over again to be able to watch your favorite videos. You will be required to keep track of the URL and addresses of those videos, which can even change from time to time.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have your favorite videos downloaded to your own computers’ hard drive? Of course it is, and this is what Firefox video downloader does exactly for you. It will allow you download YouTube video with just a single click. There are also some other video sharing sites you might want to download videos from. Instead of copy pasting those long URL, why can’t you try Mozilla Firefox video downloader. This will make your life easier by just grabbing the video URL by itself and start downloading it. Furthermore, you will not be required to type in the file name of the video because it will just take the title of the video as the file name.

This video downloader provides browser add-ons which are very useful in a ‘single-click’ download of videos. These extensions will provide buttons on the page you want to download the video from. By just a click on that button, your video will be downloaded to your computer. It is hassle free. Go ahead and search for other pages with your favorite videos and continue downloading them by just clicking on the button.

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What makes this product unique, iSkysoft Firefox Video Downloader, official called iTube Studio, is its ability to convert the downloaded videos to popular formats that you may want, for example WMV, MOV, MP4 and AVI just to name but a few. It comes with a built-in video convertor which you can use to convert the videos you have downloaded to other formats thus ensuring that you enjoy your videos in various video players.

Here is an amazing video about this iTube Studio:

This is how you should go about downloading your video. First, install your Mozilla Firefox video downloader. Just to make it clear, there are two products. If you are using windows then you should download Firefox video downloader ultimate but for the Mac users you should download Firefox video downloader Mac.

After it is installed, restart your Firefox browser and the new download button should now appear on every video page when you play it. What you just do is hit on the button and your video is automatically downloaded to your computer’s hard drive. That is it. Enjoy your experience with this amazing video downloader.


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