Latest Whatsapp Feature: Know How To Do A Group Audio & Video Call?

We all love our endless group chats with our friends and family on our beloved WhatsApp. It’s a great way to be in touch. Isn’t it? Of course the answer is a big YES! But sometimes while on an audio or a video call we wish we could make our connect closer and more personal if we could do it with all of our closest buddies together.

In fact according to whatsapp reports, people have enjoyed making voice and video calls for over 2 billion minutes per day. Therefore, whatsapp now brings you an all new feature which is Group audio & video calls.

Curious to know how? Well, Let’s raise the curtain together.

  1. What it offers?

Now all whatsapp users will be able to do a group audio & video call with 3 other users at the same time. Moreover, whats amazing is that every call you will make will be end-to-end encrypted. Also in addition to the calls being end-to-end encrypted, WhatsApp says they’ll work reliably around the world even under different network conditions, and the new feature is rolling out to both iPhone and Android versions of its app.

  1. How to start Whatsapp group video call?

  • WhatsApp video call can be started by simply starting a one-on-one call with a friend.
  • Once call gets connected, a new ‘add participant’ icon at the top right corner of the call screen can be clicked to add more participants from the contact list.
  • The icon gets disabled after a third participant is added.
  1. How to start Whatsapp group audio call?

WhatsApp group audio call can be started in a similar way as group video call.

  • Of course, users will have to tap on the audio call icon to start a one-to-one voice call with a friend.
  • Click on “add participant” icon on the call screen to add participants.
  • Just like group video call, only three participants can be added.
  1. What would  be different now?

The major difference is WhatsApp video call screen will have a video feed from participants (including the person who started the call), while group audio call screen will have profile pictures of all participants except for the person who started the call. The audio call screen will also have names of all participants separated by a comma.

  1. Conclusion

Facebook after acquiring WhatsApp in February, 2014 has been growing at a tremendous rate. It seems like they understand that in this time of globalisation, it will prove to be highly useful to connect people around the globe in just a tap and thats what group audio & video calls aim to achieve.

So what are you waiting for? Update your app and share with your buddies your perfect moments in just a tap.

Happy Connecting!

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