Latest Windows 8.1 update – The current scenario

Microsoft has been regularly updating its beta version of Windows 8.1 in a bid to unveil a perfect alpha version on eve of its international release. Every time an update to the Windows 8.1 beta is introduced, it brings with it a considerable excitement among testers and developers alike regarding speculations on the kind of fixes or new feature set that is accompanied with such updates.

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Fresh Paint app – the newest blue-eyed app in Windows 8.1?

It is believed that the latest update to the Windows 8.1 will work towards increasing the creativity of the users. According to Microsoft, it is including preview version of the ‘Fresh Paint App’ in the update. Originally introduced in Windows 8, the Fresh Paint App soon rose in the popularity charts in the Windows App store and was downloaded millions of times. The app is a painting app similar to ‘Paint’ in earlier versions of Windows, but has many advanced features and a great user interface.

Microsoft claims that over 1, 00,000 users experienced Fresh Paint in the Museum of Modern Art, New York. Now a preview version of an even improved Fresh Paint App being released with the Windows 8.1 update. The updates app will have many new features like increased brush sizes, new photo filters and new mediums. The app will invoke a greater user interest thanks to its improved user interface.

The app is touted to give realistic results and experience to the users. With the Fresh Paint App, the users can test and sharpen their creative skills in a number of ways. The updated app comes with additional watercolor mediums along with the previous oil color. The app introduces detailed brushes and pencils which would promote fine painting. There are many other detailed updates in the app.

The users who choose to test the Windows 8.1 update will get their hands on the latest version of Fresh Paint App. One can create aesthetic paintings and drawings with the app. To enhance user experience, Microsoft has completely integrated the app in to the Windows 8.1 work environment.

The drawings and paintings created in the Fresh Paint app can be used to customize the look and feel of Windows in a great way. You can use the drawings to personalize the Windows lock screen by including paintings created in the app to the Lock screen. Any drawing or painting created in the app can now be pinned directly to the start menu, which is designed so that users can resume their projects faster. The snap feature introduced for the first time will let you view your artwork while using other Windows 8 features.

Who can use the app’s preview version?

The preview version of the app would also be available to both desktop users as well as Windows mobile users. The app is available for download in the Windows App store. If you are a Windows 8 preview user, now is the best time to get a hands-on experience with the newest avatar of the updated app.

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