8 Must Have Android Apps for Your Smartphone

Android is google’s open source operating system used on smartphones and mobile devices by majority of the manufactures around the world. 82.8% of all smartphones worldwide are powered by android and the play store comes built-in in every android device, which provides a huge market for the android app industry. Thousands of new android apps are developed every day and many few of them get the attention of users. Today I wanna give you a tour of the best and the most promising android apps that you must install and start using right away..

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Avast Mobile Security & Antivirus

It is very important for us to keep our smartphone secure from viruses and avast antivirus does that easily in background for us. It protects our smartphone from malicious apps, links, files, malwares and viruses spread all over the internet. Android is very vulnerable and hackers can easily hacks any confidential data so if the users are not extremely careful as to where they click. Avast uses smart technologies to make that impossible and that’s why it is a must have app for all android users.


We get a lot of calls and messages from unknown sources (especially the pesky telemarketing ones) and if you have this awesome app installed on your android phone, can get the information about the number before opening the sms or receiving the call. Truecaller has the largest database of mobile numbers because of that we can easily know the identity of the phone number’s owner and that information can be used in many ways. So it is another very good app for android users.


Another new and awesome app that is growing day by day. Plag is an awesome app to get information on anything around the world from real users. Be the part of conversion, share anything that users will love and spread happiness. Anything you share, will be shared with the whole world automatically so you have a great chance that your post will seen by a great number of users.


Share the amazing moments of your life in images with your followers and be the star. Real photos are shared by millions of users in instagram daily. If you wanna live the life of a celebrity, it’s for you, share your awesome photos and build your own fan base.


Connect with professionals through your smartphone, build your following, share anything and do more with linkedIN app. It’s the most widely used and probably the best app to connect with your existing professional circle and make new professional connections.


Another amazing app for android users that lets you connect with the whole world and be the part of trending conversations on the move. Twitter is the social network of our generation. Almost every discussion from laws to sociopolitical issues escalates on twitter today. Sharing our views about anything in just 140 characters. Twitter is the most amazing thing that has happened to internet in 21st century which gives anyone the power to influence in changing the world by expressing their views concisely in just 140 characters.

Android Device Manager

The most amazing and yet ‘hush-hush’ phone safety app by google for android users. Even with it’s awesome features you will be amazed to know how really unknown to the ‘general android user’ this app is. With features like ‘Lock Phone’, ‘Reset Pin’, ‘Erase Data’, ‘Locate Phone’ etc. It is really a must have app for your android with which you can secure your phone and access that phone from anywhere from any device with your google account. You can lock it, change the pin and you can even erase the data to protect the confidential data incase the phone is lost. Read more about features of android device manager in this article. Once installed and setup you can remove the app and google will still track that phone so that if app is removed you can still do the things you want to do.


A complete collection of magazines and articles from all over the internet in your pocket with this amazing app. Read your favorite blogs in flipboard app itself. You can also create a magazine and add content to your magazine which are already available in flipboard. With a decent bit of PR, Flipboard can very well redefine the future of content marketing and consumption.

There are many apps but we think, these 8 apps really deserve your attention. Have any questions or suggestions? Join the discussion in the comments.


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