5 Best Apps for Sharing Files between Devices and Friends

Sharing files with friends and between different devices is quite common these days. Earlier there were only limited options for sharing files between devices like Bluetooth technology. However, with the advancement in technology many new apps are available which makes data sharing between devices quite an easy and seamless process. These apps enable you to transfer large amount of data in jus few seconds. Below we have listed top 5 apps for sharing files between devices and friends that will make data sharing more easy and convenient for you.

5 Best Apps for Sharing Files between Devices and Friends


ShareIt is one of the most commonly used apps developed by Lenovo. The app was designed to support all kinds of devices be it a Windows, iOS or an Android device. The app enables the users to transfer files quickly and flawlessly between devices on different platforms. Another advantage of this app is that it also comes with a Windows version for desktop which allows the users to share or transfer files and apps between their PC and their smartphones. The Clone it feature of the app can be put to use for maintaining data backups and transferring to a new device. You can download shareit app for pc without any Emulator.


SuperBeam is another widely used app for transferring files. The app makes use of Wi-Fi Direct in order to share huge files between Android devices. The users can pair two devices via QR Code scanning or NFC. Security is one of the most important aspects of Superbeam that makes it a unique app. this app makes use of port 8080 for all types of transmissions that ensures higher compatibility on the restricted Wi-Fi networks. For those devices which do not support Wi-Fi Direct, the app automatically turns on to the hotspot mode.


Xender is an amazing app for file sharing available for iOS and Android devices. Moreover, no Wi-Fi, 3G, 2G or any other charges are applicable. You can simply share files at an unbelievable speed with other devices using Xender. You can easily transfer files of different formats across devices. This app enables you to share a movie in just 50 seconds. Isn’t it unbelievable!

Xender also includes a special feature namely Phone Replicate which enables the users to replicate some part of or all the data stored in the phone such as photos, contacts, videos, files, apps, music etc from their current smartphone to a new one within few clicks.


Zapya is another interesting app that can be accessed by iOS, Android, Windows Phone and Windows desktop users. It enables the users to share photos, music, videos, audios and other types of files between different platforms. Zapya app claims to offer 128 times faster sharing speed as compared to the speed of Bluetooth. Using Zapya, you can share files across various platforms easily and quickly.

Fast File Transfer

This app is somehow different from other apps as it supports offline transfer of files across different platforms too. The best part of this app is that there is no need for the receiver to download this app in order to receive transferred files. Thus, you can transfer files between devices with the requirement of just a Wi-Fi connection. It allows sharing of data across all platforms with just a Wi-Fi connection. The app offers a superfast speed that enables the user to share 1GB of data within just 4 minutes.

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