10 Basic SEO Optimization Tips for 2018 – Must Read This Beginners

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I’m sure you guys are working hard to get your blog higher in Google search results this year just like me. But I believe ‘to hard is not just enough for this year’, we have to work smartly.  All of us know what SEO means and how important it is in achieving high rankings in Google’s search list. With this article I am going to share 10 essential SEO optimization tips which will take your blog miles this year.

Seo tips for bloggers 2015

1.    Use only SEO friendly URLs – Start by using an SEO friendly URL which contains a keyword so that, search engines rank you better. And even, readers will find it easy to get to you. Avoid yourself from using ugly and irrelevant URLs. Create short yet meaning URLs. Link of this post is perfect example of that.

2.    Always include Keywords in the Title – Remember it’s the first thing that Google takes into consideration while ranking sites. And thus if you are not into using Keyword in Title, then it’s high time now. Use keyword in such way that you get ranked high and your title looks appealing. When I said ‘use keywords in title’, I am not saying ‘to stuff your article with irrelevant or excess keywords’.

3.    Meta Description should only be content focused – When done right, Meta Description can get you good responses from search engines as well a huge traffic. Utilize those 150 words to give your readers a reason why they should visit you. Let the description be about your product, your brand or anything that relates to your article or particular web page.

4.    Write the blog as if you are writing it to your friend across the computer screen – This SEO Tip will get your readers more attracted to your blog. Use keywords at proper intervals. Try to keep your content more natural so that when your friend reads it out, it feels more like a conversation than a blog article. This way a reader will easily relate your content and there are good chances that he will visit you again.

5.    Write only Quality content – As I said earlier, you need to write your blog as if you are writing it to a friend across the computer screen. But having said that, only quality content attracts the readers. Before publishing your next blog, make sure that you don’t have committed any silly grammar or spelling mistakes. Take some of your time in finding proper tables, graphs and all other things that supports and enhances your content.

6.    Increase your Blog content – Now that you are about to write quality content, you should also know that length of your content also matters. And a study by SERPIQ.com has also revealed that contents which longer in length tends to rank higher on Google’s first page. However, don’t only focus on lengthy content. Get the right balance between word count and quality of the content.

7.    Properly customize images – Your content may bore your readers some time but don’t let that happen with images you put up in the Blog. Customizing image includes renaming the image and putting up the correct ALT text. For an example, if you are writing a blog post on “Best sports shoes to shop in 2015”, then rename the default generic name DCIMG1.jpg to the product name like FILA-sports-1.jpg. A good ALT text to your image is very important as the ‘search image’ in Google reads the ALT text of images you have on your site. Try to write a unique ALT tag for every different image.

8.    Increase Social Marketing – Facebook, Twitter, Google+ can do a lot good to make your blog achieve new heights. Share your blog posts on different social platforms and keep in mind that you also interact with your readers every now and then, so that they will learn more about you and hence develop more interest in you and your blog. Also you can add multiple Social sharing buttons to make it easy for your readers to share your articles on different platforms.

9.    Minimal and Mobile Friendly design – Minimal or Responsive design is very important factor in making your blog a huge hit this year. Not just responsive design, Mobile friendly websites are also in good demand these days. To make it even important, Google now labels a mobile friendly website as ‘Mobile – friendly’ in its search results. And that is just because increase in smart phone and tablets used by the people today.

10.    Improve Site speed – This is one of the very frequent talked factors these days, which can give a huge boost to your blog this year. An infographic by Kissmetrics explains about site load time.


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I hope, my readers will be get benefited from above mentioned SEO tips. Looking forward for the feedback.

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