Track Your Application Easily Now With Stackify

If you are the owner of an application, or are a company that creates several, then it is important to monitor the app for its performance. That also includes the metrics, errors, and logs. Whether you are using cloud services or virtual machines, this is just an essential part of the process.

So, where can you find a great system that allows for advanced monitoring? If you’re looking for a monitoring service made by people that truly know the business, then consider using Stackify.

Stackify + Azure

Stackify supports Microsoft’s Azure App and Cloud services, as well as AWS and any Windows Sevrer running on your ASP.NET apps. You’ll be able to monitor the performance of every single app in one place.

Its APM automatically recognizes the most common .NET libraries, as well as Azure features including:

  • Service Bus
  • DocumentDB
  • Azure Storage
  • SQL Azure
  • Redis
  • and more…

This makes it a breeze to identify performance problems quickly and understand how your application stack is performing.

Tracking Performance

With Stackify you can also track user satisfaction based on apdex scoring. You will be able to set response time goals for each application, then check to see if the connection is fast, sluggish, too slow, or failed. That, in combination with a score from 0 to 100, makes it easy to understand the relative performance of an app.

Monitoring of each web request allows you to quickly find the ones that are performing the slowest, which are the most used, and the one’s that are error ridden. You can also view which requests are simply slow due to database calls, among other things.

Speaking of database queries, they make up an important aspect of performance. Each query is tracked in Stackify, as well as which web services you are using and how they are performing as well. Absolutely everything is monitored to keep you on top of application functionality.

Single Web Requests

Need to see the performance of every single ASP.NET web request? Don’t worry, Stackify tracks them all for you and not just the slow ones like some APM solutions do. When there’s a bug you are going to know about it, helping you to snuff out the problem before it gets any bigger.

When a request is running slow, Stackify takes the guess work out of “why?” by identifying the source of the issue. Whether that is too many cache calls, slow database queries, or slow web service calls, you’ll know the exact cause.

Plenty of Help and Solutions

Aside from the above mentioned features, Stackify has a ton of other helpful aspects to keep you on top of your application’s performance. Including:

  • The ability to view code-level profiling traces for advanced troubleshooting
  • An APM that automatically collects all exceptions
  • Finding the top application exceptions, the highest error rates and most common ones
  • Aggregation of all your logs in one place for easy analysis and indexing
  • Aggregation of your IIS logs
  • The ability to log objects, like extra debug information, and tag them to make them easily located
  • Monitoring of CPU and memory usage for applications
  • Monitoring of Key Transactions in the form of specific web requests and SQL queries
  • Ping type checks against you URL’s status code and speed
  • Custom application metrics
  • Keeping track of your Service Bus queues

Written in ASP.NET and hosted on Azure since 2012, you can rest easy knowing that Stackify offers top notch support and the monitoring your develepors need. Plus, there’s even a free trial and an online sandbox account. So, you can be sure that Stackify is the right choice for you without paying a dime.

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