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There is absolutely no doubt in the fact that we all live in photogenic world today and the very first thing that probably comes in Tech-geek mind after listening photogenic word is Instagram. Instagram is undoubtedly one of our favorite apps. With addition of video sharing in recent update, the photo sharing app has achieved many praises from its fans all over the globe. It has taken the photo sharing experience to a complete new level.

However one may not know some of the basic Instagram tips and tricks those may prove to be very useful at times. Don’t worry; we will guide you through some of the basic tips and tricks for Instagram.

Let’s see some basic Instagram tips and tricks

1)    Click the photo with the built in camera app
Clicking the photos with built in app will not only get you perfect shot but you will also be able to use additional features like HDR which will be very useful in case you want click snaps of landscape and still objects. However, the photos you share with your friends and the world on Instagram are no more than 612 x 612 pixel size. But don’t you worry; you can still access your original photos in ‘Instagaram’ folder in Gallery (for Android) and iOS users may find them in their Camera Roll.

Instagram tips and tricks

2)    Use the ‘Direct’ option
For the situations like, “Photo is way too much for others on Instagram to see” or “I don’t want my girl friend to see my fortnight party pics” or even when photos are just for your family members; you need to use this option called Direct which appears at “Share to” page right beside “Followers”. Select the people you want to share your photo with and finally finish up by clicking Send.

Send Direct  Photo to friends - Instagram tips and tricks

This feature will let you share your photos with few selected people. You can choose up to 15 people at maximum and then the rest is all the same. Moreover, such photos of yours will not show up when searched.

3)    Use relevant #Hashtags
Everyone loves to add Hashtags, Even I do. But that does not mean you keep on placing more irrelevant Hashtags. Hashtags on Instagram have their own importance. To become a pro on Instagram and make your friends jealous of your followers, you need to learn to put the correct Hashtags. Don’t use Hashtags that are way too common. Simply focus on using a Hashtag that is relevant to your photo. This will avoid you from falling into flood of common Hashtags on Instagram.

4)    Edit your photos using Instagram without Posting them
By this we simply mean that you can give a new look to your photo with Instagram’s filter but not necessary of posting it. You can still keep your edited photos by simply putting the phone on Airplane mode. Here are the guidelines: After you have edited the photo using Instagram’s filter, swipe down the notification bar and switch the phone to Airplane mode and thereafter continue normal uploading steps on Instagram. Click on the “Share” on the Share page. Don’t worry; by putting the phone on Airplane mode you don’t have any active data connection now. You will find a ‘failed’ message on your Instagram screen. Now all you need to do is delete to wipe off the unshared image.

Edit your photos using Instagram without Posting them

The benefit – You can find your unshared image right in your Gallery or Camera Roll. You can even start this process by putting your phone on Airplane mode from very beginning.

5)    Save your data by turning off Video preload
This indeed is very useful setting which you can find in your profile menu. Tap on the three vertical dots icon if you have Droid or else gear icon if you use iOS. Click on video settings where you will able to choose between “preload videos on Wi-Fi or Cellular” and “Preload on Wi-Fi only”.

5)	Save your data by turning off Video preload
Tap on the latter option and get rid of video that automatically plays when you scroll down your Instagram feed. This minor setting will save you lot of data.

6)    Manage tagged photos of you
“Roger tagged me in a photo that was too embarrassing for me”. Such situations are very often to occur when you have got funny friends. But luckily, you can remove or hide tagged photos of you.

For hiding a tagged photo you need to do is tap onto the photo you have been tagged and you will find an Instagram handle. Then tap onto handle and a menu will pop up which will allow you to choose “hide from my profile”.

Manage tagged photos of you
For removing a tag you need to click on “More options” on the same handler and choose “Remove me from Photo” option and you are all free from unwanted tagged photo.

More easy way – You can Adjust setting such a way that you get to review the photos before they are posted and that is by selecting ‘Add manually’ option from settings given on ‘Photos of you’ page.

7)    Decorate your profile
Strangers will undoubtedly visit your profile page very first when they are checking out your Instagram feed. And this tip will particularly mean very much to those who want more followers on Instagram. Share something that is very different about you from others, let the visitor know where you hail from, what sort of work you do, what kind of food you love, kind of sport you prefer and much more. Give them a good reason to click on the Follow button when they visit you on Instagram.

8)    Use third party photo editing apps
Many of us know that there are lot many dedicated photo editing applications in both Play Store and Apple store. Use them effectively before putting up the photo on Instagram. Android users can take their photo to a complete new level with apps like Autodesk Pixlr, Photo Grid and many others. Create photo collages; edit them in vibrant colors by using different filters; even add text. Not only will it get you more praises but also more followers on Instagram.

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