Learn to make millions with this Interview of Karl Kangur from MonetizePros.com

There is NO BLOGGER on our planet who don’t want to earn but still there are MANY who are struggling to make money from blogging. 

Money making is the most common problem among bloggers, so today we are with the one who help many in making  millions with blogging. Karl Kangur is a an expert marketing professional and mentor for many.

Thank You Karl for giving us this chance. I am sure my readers and me going to learn many things from this interview.

My purpose to take this interview is to know your blogging journey, marketing strategies and success story. Let’s start this.

  1. Please introduce yourself, your blogs and work profession with DreamTechie audience?

I’m the Co-Owner and Chief Editor of MonetizePros.com – the biggest website monetization resource out there. It’s a site that started out reviewing ad networks and helping people optimize their display advertising revenue, but it’s grown to be much more than that.

We’re working on making the best resource for online marketing in general – competing with sites like NeilPatel.com and SmartPassiveIncome.

Other than that, I’ve got a small empire of Amazon affiliate sites that I created years ago, I’ve got a marketing agency called Result Compass and I do some business coaching when I’ve got free time.

Learn to make millions with this Interview of Karl Kangur from MonetizePros.com

  1. What triggered you to start a blog and how has your journey been so far?

When I first got started, my blogs were about random stuff. Computer games, Amazon products and god knows what. Initially it was purely about making money online and blogs were the best way to do it.

Now it’s much more about having an audience who will listen to you. A good blog post can change someone’s life in so many ways and that’s an incredibly good feeling.

  1. I believe you are a full time blogger and a marketer, so how you manage all this work alone? Or you have a dedicated office or team?

To be completely honest, I should have a much bigger team. Most of my work gets done thanks to 12-16 hour workdays and that’s it. I get some help from freelancers of course, but that’s a small part of it.

For MonetizePros.com we’ve started building a team in Thailand and our first employee just flew out to Chiang Mai from France and is starting work shortly.

  1. How do you struggle to keep your blog updated with such creative and captivating content? And how many article you post in a week?

I haven’t published anything new on MonetizePros for quite some time. Our last piece was the 8,000 word post on the homepage of MP about how to create a blog and that was back in March.

My main blogging lesson has been that you should be way more concerned with marketing the content you put out there, instead of sticking to a weekly (or even daily!) posting schedule. I spend 80% of my time marketing and 20% of the time creating content and the results from that have been outstanding.

  1. What is the word count that you prefer in a blog? Please share your 10 points that one should kept in a mind before publishing a post?

I don’t really follow word count anymore but I’ve rarely published anything under 2,000 words. Figure out everything there is to say about a topic that matters, and say it. Comprehensive and long-form content has gotten be the best results.

Here’s a few things I look at before publishing (or even writing):

  • Does the content have value for the average reader?
  • Does it have value for me? (Is it monetized for example?)
  • Do I have the power to drive enough traffic on the topic (search competition etc)
  • Do I know enough about it to make the best post out there?
  • Does it tie in with my long-term goals and the publishing platform?
  • Is it optimized for search engines?
  1. SEO for 2016, what tricks and tips will you share with beginners?

The SEO industry has so many biased “influencers” that things are getting far too complicated. My main advice in 2016 is stick to the basics.

SEO still comes down to having search spiders being able to understand your website properly (on-page SEO) and backlinks. Focus on getting authentic links that make sense and reap the rewards. Stop overthinking it and put in the work.

  1. Though you help a lot of people in making money, what you think is the best income source for a blogger?

I believe in the power of free, amazing content monetized as an affiliate. You’re taking a commission off something someone would buy either way and it’s a win-win-win situation (you, your reader and the product owner).

There’s no obtrusive ads, customer support, shipping, whatever. You help people and you get rewarded for it when done properly.

  1. Apart from writing good content and sharing that on social media, what are the other ways you use to promote your website?

Influencer outreach and guest posting should be the number one priority for most bloggers. Build genuine, meaningful and long-term connections with other people in your industry and you’ll see massive results down the line.

Don’t be greedy with your links, audience, email list, social media.

  1. You blog has an excellent Alexa rank that clearly mean your blog has a huge traffic. So what are your tips to reap best of Google Analytics?

Google Analytics is a mess and most people don’t really know what they’re looking for. Figure out what numbers truly matter to you and stop looking at anything else.

For us, this is how many people we have in our email list and how much money are we receiving in our bank account and from where – simple! 🙂

  1. Being a blogger, social media addict and a marketer, I am very addictive to Laptop and smartphone. Is this the same case with you as well? Or what other stuff you like to do apart from work?

I used to be like that but right now, I don’t even have a phone (got mugged) and I don’t really miss it that much. I can take my calls on Skype and everything else was mostly a distraction.

Outside of work I try to stay away from devices as much as possible – I have long workdays and I just need an escape from screens. Living in South-East Asia, I’ve got a lot of like-minded entrepreneurs around me so I try to make the best of that and go out a fair bit. Dinners and drinks usually.

  1. It’s time to say ‘Good Bye’ but before that please share your contact details and social media profiles, for my readers so that they can reach you easily.

Twitter:  twitter.com/monetizepros

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MonetizePros/

Website: http://monetizepros.com

Many thanks Karl and readers to make this interview a huge success.  Do share your thoughts about Karl and his blogging journey, we will be happy to hear you more.

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