Kim Kardashian’s iPhone Selfie Secret – LuMee Cases

Recently Kim Kardashian has revealed LuMee Cases as her secret behind taking the ultimate selfies. Below is a picture she shared on social media site Twitter.

LuMee cases are invented by photography professionals seeing poorly lit faces on video calls and photos. The LuMee case is designed to light up your face with the push of a button. The light emitted from the case improves the subject’s brightness – making for a flawless picture.


LuMee Cases

Robert G Pedersen II, chairman and CEO of LuMee LLC said, “We feel very fortunate to officially partner with Kim Kardashian West. Kim is very savvy in the social media world and a well-respected entrepreneur and businessperson. She has been an advisor and customer utilizing our LuMee Case almost since inception. We look forward to a great partnership with Ms. Kardashian West as we continue to market and develop new product solutions together.”

These are compatible with iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus. LuMee case features a dimmer switch to control light output and a long lasting, rechargeable battery so that you never miss the perfect selfie opportunity.

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