Orient UV Sanitech – All You need to Know about this sanitisation Device

The number of Coronavirus cases is on the rise which is really horrifying given the fact that there is no vaccine yet for this disease. All we can do is try to be safe and follow all health advisories issued by the government. I have been diligently following social distancing and practicing hand hygiene but whenever I go out for work, there is this fear of bringing the virus into my home with objects.

Who knows the virus has stuck on to the surface of the vegetables that I bought or my wallet or even my car keys? Therefore, I had made it a habit of sanitising all the items I carry and bring along when entering my home. Having said that, I was never 100% satisfied of the effectiveness of sanitisation and also feared the excessive use of chemicals until I discovered UV Sanitech from the house of Orient Electric.

Know the Orient UV Sanitech –

The Orient UV Sanitech offers a neat, safe and highly effective way of killing the coronavirus on the surfaces of objects. This advanced sanitisation solution comes in form of a box-shaped chamber that uses UV-C rays to kill microorganisms and coronavirus on the surfaces of objects. There are no chemicals involved in the sanitisation process. You can put almost any kind of object in the 34-litres box including groceries, vegetables, milk packets, wallets, keys, writing instruments, diaries, visiting cards, etc.

Is it safe to use?

Since the sanitisation process is concealed and there is no direct eye or skin contact with the UV rays, this product is extremely safe to use.

The UVC lamps inside the appliance are placed diagonally at angles so that the items exposed to the UV light are sanitised thoroughly.  On top of it all, UV Sanitech comes with a 4-minute pre-set timer so you do not have to worry about re-doing the process or keep a watch, as 4 minutes of exposure is adequate for killing the viruses and bacteria.

Metallic Body and Lightweight Device

From design point of view, this is an elegant looking product that will blend seamlessly with your home or office interiors. Featuring a metallic finish body, it has top loading feature that eases the process of placing the items inside the box. The unit is lightweight and portable so that you can move it around easily.

So, if are worried about the coronavirus getting in your home though contaminated objects, you might want to consider investing in this corona-killer UVC chamber. You can buy it online from Flipkart and Amazon.

Head to the website to know more about UV Sanitech, and checkout this video to know how it works!

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