Top 7 Most reliable sources to get Paid Reviews for your Blog

Creating blogs is not a big task but to earn via blog is a very calculative and tough task. If you are a Pro blogger than you must be knowing all ways of earning through blog but if you are a newbie and just entered in blog industry than you need to know these popular ways to earn via blog.

Yes, you can earn by using different methods like Adsense account, by publishing sponsored reviews on blogs, selling products and services through blog, place info links and so many. But as a blogger getting paid reviews is my favorite way of earning. But now the question how to get sponsored reviews for your blog?

For example if You are using adsense account than you need approx 400 clicks to earn 100$ in a month but if you have good traffic and frequent post tendency than you can get 100$ by 2 paid reviews. A blogger can ask from $5 to $1000 for a review. But getting paid reviews is not so easy…. you need to find sponsors for your blog.

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For this you need to show your blog on different sources who deals with advertisers to get best reviews in fair price for your blogs. Here we listed the best and most popular sources to get you paid via reviews. Signup to these sources and earn fair remuneration for your blog.

As the name suggest is one of the most reliable place to get quality paid post over the web. However to get the blog approval on this site is not so easy but once you get approved you can earn minimum 50$ for each sponsored review.

The main thing of this site that attract the blogger is the popularity of it, Maximum advertiser on this site are very large scale companies who can pay maximum 1000$ for a reviews. Even I am trying get approval for on ReviewMe.

The second valuable place to get paid reviews is Sponsored Like Reviewme it is also a popular source having great amount of rich publishers. Getting approved on this site is also a very tough task but give a try to it definitely for making good money. A blog with minimum PR 1 can get reviews here and can earn minimum of $ 5 to $ 1000 for each review.

Another source to earn via paid reviews is PayPerPost. So singed up to this site and make money by publishing paid reviews. A blogger can earn minimum $30 by each review on Paypercost and easily earn $500 per month or more for your blog.

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If you are a blogger of medium level and start your blog few time ago than you can use this source for getting $5 to $30 per each review. However this amount is not so big but enough for a newbie blogger to introduces himself from world of sponsors. there are so many categories of advertisers who are interested in Educational, auto, travel, web design, health and many other type of blogs.

As we discussed earlier to get approval from the above sources you need to introduce yourself in the blogging world in a popular way. Advertisers will contact you if they will find you fruitful for their business.

Seeding Up

SeedingUp is a really efficient and reliable service source to get well written paid content for your blogs, social media and websites. Lakhs of Advertisers available on Seeding up to provide you content and services according to your blog requirement. Apart from getting paid, you will able to increase your brand awareness and traffic of your sites by downstream SEO effects. So be a part of Seeding up and market your blog with great advertisers over the glob.

Getreviewed is is powerful advertising network which offers great services in term of getting popular your brand in advertiser world. This source of getting paid is simple and effective. For it’s working mechanism you need to improve your blog quality instead of quantity. This is only select high quality blogs. This source has it’s team who review the blog and shortlist for sponsored reviews. So join the get reviewed and raise you earning and blog traffic. 

If you like the article and this information is useful for you than share your views with us and tell which source you like most.

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