How to Transform Your Smart Phone into A Walking Learning Centre

One of the most successful tech developments in the history of communication was the rise of mobile phones. Together with the Internet, smartphones open up windows of endless opportunities to make our lives easier.

For instance, some apps help us communicate wirelessly, while other apps can help you save your money wisely.

Advantages of using a Smartphone

Some of the benefits of using smartphones in this generation include the following:

Improved communication

Can you still remember the time when we used phone lines and snail mail? We’re now light years away from those kinds of communication, what with the popularity of smartphone apps.

More comfortable travel

Smartphones are amazing travel buddies. Not only can they help you plan a trip or buy tickets, but they can also serve as entertainment consoles during long flights. Aside from travel packing cubes, smartphones can drastically enhance your travel experience.

Information on demand

Need to know directions to a nearby coffee shop? Looking for recommendations on good movies to watch this weekend? Practically everything you need to know can be searched through your smartphone.

How to Use Smartphones for Learning

One rising trend in using smartphones involves the field of learning and education. A lot of app developers are already predicting that online learning is going to break the Internet in terms of usability and demand.

You can already see some glimpses of this technology now. For instance, if you’re looking for the best Korean tutor, you can do a quick search and choose a reputable online language learning service such as Preply.

Today, practically everyone has become mobile phone-dependent. A study has shown that there is a decrease in the number of desktop users since more people want to get connected using their mobile phones.

Here are some ways that you can turn your smartphone into a portable learning centre:

Watch tutorial videos

Video streaming services such as YouTube and Vimeo are gold mines of content for learning. All you need to do is search for your preferred topics to learn, and choose from a wide list of tutorial videos for you to learn from.

Use apps designed for learning

By browsing through the Play Store or the Apple App Store, you can pick some of the most amazing learning apps that you can use. Some popular ones include edX, Periodic Table, iTunes U, Learnist, and WolframAlpha.

Use apps for collaboration and project management

If you’re learning in groups, one of the best strategies to use smartphones while learning is to utilize apps designed for group discussions and collaboration. Some of these mobile apps include Trello, Evernote, Dropbox, and Google Backup & Sync.

Follow industry influencers for podcasts

It’s possible that your favorite expert is already online! Why not use your smartphone to listen to their podcasts anytime of the day? Look for online materials from reputable professionals in your chosen field, and check for their podcasts or Facebook Live videos from which you can learn.

The smartphone has become a powerful tool in providing information for learners. Aside from reducing the number of trips to the library just to get pieces of information, using smartphones can also lower your expenses especially in terms of buying books. Best of all, you don’t have to worry about losing the information, because they can be accessed anytime through your mobile devices.

Although traditional learning methods may not be completely eliminated at this point in time, learning online proves to be faster and more convenient. This is evident these days, as more tutors are trooping to mobile apps to provide services to those who need them.

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