Popular Educational Applications for your iPhone

In the past few years, iPhone has certainly changed the style in which education is conducted. It does not mean that textbooks and notebooks have been abolished but numerous students are using iPhone for advance studies. Even teachers are using smart phones to educate themselves some new technologies. In this article, we will discuss some popular educational apps for your iPhone for an excellent learning experience. Touch screen, 3D graphics, Internet connection, and HD videos have made the education experience much better using iPhone. Let us have a close look at popular educational apps for your iPhone,

Mental Notes :

Note-taking is a common part of education and interesting notes help you in memorizing small facts quickly. With the help of “Mental Notes” application, you are free to take quick notes along with images and videos. With this wonderful application, you can add more fun to your studies as a student or teacher both.

The elements : A Visual Exploration

The application takes difficult elements to make it more fun. You can observe all possible objects from that particular element and objects can be viewed in 3D also. The application makes your understanding stronger with visual exploration.

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iHomeWork and iStudiez Pro :

As we know, students have to study number of subjects at the same time. The application keeps track of assignments, tests, and homework simultaneously. You can also set reminders and alerts for your homework. As a student, the application will make your life easier and more manageable.


TED is a meeting place for educators and big innovators. By using this app, you can access lectures and notes of extra ordinary teachers. You can also post your comments for instant reply from great innovators. The application makes the education much simpler and easy for you.

iTunes U

The application was launched by Apple which is loaded with plenty of educational content, images, and videos from some of the best universities. After downloading this app, you will get access to endless subjects and mind blowing content. The application is best for the people who believe in self study.

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No Fear Shakespeare :

Shakespeare has inspired numerous of students and professionals till now. He is a muse for many students worldwide. Everyone who studies literature definitely reads his work at some point of life. The application allows you to access mobile library of all his plays. If you wanted to check simple, translated version of Shakespeare’s plays then you are advised to access “No Fear Shakespeare” application.

Motion Math :

Learning mathematics equations and formulas sound really boring. Is there any interesting style to learn these equations?  The best solution is to download “Motion Math” iPhone application. Now it would be quite interesting for you to play with fractions. It will teach you how to learn and work with mathematical equations.

Vocabology :

The application is excellent for students who want to increase their vocabulary. At the same time, the application is wonderful for grown-ups also. If you wanted to learn more words then download this amazing application today. The application will teach you how to use new words in your daily routine. The exercise definitely makes your communication skills stronger.

Edmodo :

The application establishes strong communication channel between students and professional teachers. Now teachers and students can easily exchange the notes, send information in an entertaining style. Students can also check their grades and performance through this amazing application.

Recently, iPhone education apps are working wonderful in the market. With these effective educational apps, you can surely make your learning experience better. I have created customized educational apps for many organizations in India and abroad.

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