9 Best Free Twitter Tools to use in 2018

Twitter has been an integral part of every blogger and marketer’s life because  it satisfies everyone’s thirst of traffic, audience and exposure. Twitter has lot to offer to bloggers and marketers who are working really hard to get some good exposure in the short span of time. And to make the most out of Twitter is not possible without using additional twitter tools.

There are Twitter tools those can grow your blog like never before. So, here we are with top 10 free  Twitter tools after Hootsuite, Buffer. Bit.ly, TwitterFeed  and Twitter Analytics those are very essential for every blogger & marketer.

Twitonomy – No other tool can match Twitonomy in the way it provides the access to twitter analytics along with whole lot of features that includes monitoring own account as well as others. You can also monitor your tweets with lists and keyword searches. The best part of the Twitonomy is of course the twitter analytics tool which shows you –

  • Total no. of tweets per day
  • Your most retweeted and favorited tweets.
  • Hashtags you have used frequently
  • Total no. of links you have shared
  • The fun part – Twitonomy shows all of your tweets on a World Map!

Twitonomy reviews

Check review of  Twitonomy

Social Rank – Well, what if a single tool can help you with managing and organizing your followers on both Twitter as well as Instagram?

Social Rank scores a perfect score in organizing one’s followers on keyword base search and their overall social engagement. Moreover, you can sort out your followers alphabetically or on the basis of most engaged, most followed and best followers. You can save this all stuff on SocialRank and export it to twitter.

10 Best Free Twitter Tools to use in 2016

Social Rank

Read more about Social Rank here.

Nurph – A simple chat platform for twitter, Nurph lets you to visualize everything that’s said about you on twitter at a single place. With Nurph, you can create your own channel which will allow you to connect and converse with your valuable customers.

You can also record your chat and replay it at your wish. Not only big brands, but even small time users can know trending topics and join conversation with other users. Nurph is in fact one of the most useful tool for every blogger to strengthen his/her twitter presence.

Nurph – A simple chat platform for twitter

Periscope – Periscope is the ultimate choice when it comes to going live on twitter. Simply press the bottom middle button on the app and you are live with cameras rolling and sound on.

With live video broadcasting, Twitter’s periscope notifies all your followers when you go live after which they can join and comment in real time.

Furthermore, its easy-to-use structure makes it even handier and user friendly for everyone.

Know how to use Periscope in detail, Read review here.


Trends 24 – As the name suggests, Trends 24 is the tool that will keep a track on latest twitter trends locally as well as globally. You can view trending tweets by minutes, hours or days for last 24 hours. All the trending tweets are shown as word cloud where in the most popular ones are displayed in big fonts.

Trends24 is very essentially for understanding and comparing political and cultural trends from one region to another region.

Vine – I don’t think that there’s any blogger out here who does not know about Vine. Vine – the best way to make short (6 seconds) funny (that’s what everybody loves) videos that will make everyone laugh. You can either record videos from Vine or import video from your phone and edit it with Vine’s amazing tools.

Plus you can share it all your friends on different social media platforms. Believe me, Vine is the perfect thing for every blogger to attract everyone’s attention.

Twazzup – Twazzup has been in the industry since half decade from now and is certainly referred to as one of the most interesting Twitter search engine available. Insights, a real time twitter analytics service, is a very important feature of this tool.


You can search for any of your favorite thing on Twazzup and it will show you number of things relating to your topic such as – Discussions, Latest tweet and mentions on searched topic, most Hashtags used, most retweeted users and much more.

Sonar Solo – There’s another very interesting search engine available in case you don’t find Twazzup interesting. Sonar Solo is a real time search engine tool that provides users with useful information on the searched trend or query.

The orange colour states that the topic is on a high tweet velocity and green and red dots show positive and negative impression of the term respectively. Looking at its features, one thing is for sure that sonar solo is not your old-school static twitter analyzer.

Tweet4me – Tweet4me is for all those bloggers who are always on a run but still can’t afford to lose a tweet. With Tweet4me, a user can schedule his/her tweet from any data, any time and from any twitter app. All you have to do is sign up to this usable web app and send a direct message to tweet4me along with a prefix that will indicate the time when you wish to tweet. For instance, if you want to tweet after 3 hours, then send- d tweet4me +3h.

We hope above mentioned tools will help you, you can check more tools at  Kissmetrics. And don’t forget to share your fav Twitter tools with us. 

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